Booking Software: Features

Service types "Versatile booking engine"

Each business is different and expects different things from an online booking system. Nevertheless, we have divided all possible cases into four different scenarios, so choose the option most similar to your needs for each service.

choose service type

Tour | Activity

On this type of service you create one or more events so your customers can book for those specific events. For example, set events for every Tuesday and Friday at 10am and your customers will choose from the predefined times

Booking App Adminadmin panel booking system for tours
Customer's viewbooking widget for tours


Add your opening hours, such as Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Then set a price per hour/minutes and the amount of resources available (e.g. number of bikes). The reservation system will keep track of everything so you only rent if there are enough resources available. Prices are calculated automatic depending on the start/end range selected by the customer.

Booking App Adminadmin panel of booking software for rentals
Customer's viewbooking widget for rental


Customers choose the check-in and check-out dates, and the booking system calculates the price and keep track of availability.

Booking App Adminadmin panel for accommodation
Customer's viewbooking widget for accommodation

Open schedule

These are the simplest services. Your customers do not need to choose a date at the time of booking, the just buy the ticket and have to use it before the expiration date you set.

Booking App Adminadmin panel for service with open schedule
Customer's viewbooking widget for services with open schedules

Payment options in booking system

You control how to get paid! Require full or partial payment at the time of booking, or let them pay on arrival. Allow payments by check or bank transfer if required.

Payment gateways

Collect credit and debit card payments through one or more of the supported gateways:
Turitop Tour & Rental Booking System - Features payment ✓PayPal (Worldwide)  
✓Stripe (Worldwide)  
✓Paygate (Worldwide)  
✓Adyen (Worldwide)  
✓Redsys (Spain)  
✓SIA (Italy)  

We are adding new gateways according to demand. If you require a different payment gateway send us an email to

Tip: You can activate more than one payment gateway at the time. If a customer has troubles making payment through one method (e.g credit card denied or gateway's hosting under maintenance), the reservation system will provide another payment gateway to try.

Booking App Adminseamless integrations with several payment gateways you only have to add id numbers and keys
Customer's viewbooking widget view of multiple payment gateways

Pay on arrival

The booking app is flexible enough to either request online payment at the time of booking or allow your customers to choose between paying online or paying on arrival.

By default, if you do not activate any payment method the booking system understands that you expect ALL of your customers to pay you on arrival and will not require payment to complete a booking.

booking widget pay on arrival

Partial payments

Decide whether you want to collect the full amount, a percentage or a fix fee at the time of booking

Booking App Adminadmin settings for partial payments
Customer's viewreservation system with support for partial payments

By bank transfer or cheque

Show on the booking form the required business details to collect these types of payments.

Booking App Adminenable payments by cheque and bank transfer
Customer's viewview of cheque and wire transfer on reservation form

Refund online payments

You can make full or partial refunds from the admin panel of the payment gateway.

refund payments from your own paypal admin panel
refund payments from your own stripe account

Payment autocapture

For some payment methods like Stripe, Paygate and Redsys, the booking engine lets you disable autocapture. it means that the customer makes a booking and authorize payment with credit card, but the money is not taken from his/her account until the business owner doesn't revise it and accepts it.

Manage bookings

Calendar tab (manage bookings)

Manage ALL your bookings from this tab, including your phone bookings, box office and agencies.

Bookings made online will appear automatically on this tab, so you only have to add manually the bookings made by phone or in person.

Click on the [+] icon to add new bookings and click on the [magnifying glass] icon to see existing bookings.

You can also delete/modify bookings and close entire days or events when required.

Manage bookings with a single schedule.

manage bookings inserting all your phone reservations in turitop keeping a single schedule

The view of this section adapts according to the type of service selected:

Reservations admin panel for ACCOMMODATION

View how many rooms are booked per dayadmin view of booking system for accommodation

Reservations admin panel for RENTAL

See availability per houradmin view of reservation software for rental

Reservations admin panel for TOURS | ACTIVITIES

See availability per event and ticket typeadmin view of booking system for tours

Bookings tab (filters)

This is a chronological history of all the bookings received.

The wide range of filtering options lets you get exactly what your are looking for.

The "confirm check-in" button lets you mark a booking as enjoyed.

Bookings filterfilter results to find the booking you are looking for
Check-in buttoncheck in button of turitop reservation software

To facilitate the day-to-day work, the booking application gives you different views, such as minimal, compact and full.

View unfinished reservations

Some times customers fill out the booking form but, when the booking system sends them to the payment gateway they do not complete payment for some reason, such as credit card declined or customer decides to continue later.

In those cases we still show you the customer details (e.g. email and phone) as well as the service that was trying to buy.

We call them "prebookings" and they are displayed with white background

Unmark the prebooking checkbox from the filter to see only confirmed bookings

Click this checkbox to view or hide prebookingsfilter prebooking checkbox
Prebookings have white backgroundfilter view of booking with payment in process

Booking colors

To facilitate the day-to-day work with the application, we apply different colors according to the type of reservation so you see quickly how each booking was added to the system.

Offline: These are bookings added manually through the "calendar" tab.

Paid: Indicates that your customer made an online payment (full or partial) at the time of booking.

Not paid: Your customer reserved through the booking widget without making any online payment.

Pending: Your customer started making a booking but did not complete payment, so booking was not successful (prebooking).

Deleted: You deleted this booking. Places become available again and the reservation is removed from stats.

Refunded: You made a refund through the payment gateway (detected automatically by TuriTop if the payment gateway sends refunds notifications by API).

Export bookings (excel)

Turitop Tour & Rental Booking System - Features excel

At the "Bookings" tab you can export your bookings by day, month or specific range.

Use the filtering options if you only want to export a specific set of data.

The exported information will include your customer's name, emails, etc.

QR codes

All booking emails include a QR code to facilitate the check-in process. Receptionists can log in with a mobile device and use any QR reader to scan the QR codes brought by customers.

It is ideal for businesses with many customers per event.

email with qr code
qr mobile check in completed
qr mobile already checked in


Check how many sales you've had in a day or month, from what cities and countries they were made or simply revise earnings per day or country. Use this info to make intelligent business decisions.

view stats of your online sales and reservations

Easy to insert in website

You can insert the booking widget into any website, regardless of how it was created (Wordpress, Joomla, Weebly, Wix, etc.).

You only need to copy and paste the code generated for each service or category. It doesn't require installation of any plugin in your CMS (Web builder).

grab code to insert booking app


This is the simplest way to insert the booking widget into your website. Just add a link pointing to the URL we provide...that's all!

This is how it works: when you place the link into your website and someone clicks on it, TuriTop detects the referring URL and shows that page as a background with the booking widget on top of it.

View lightbox demo


This option lets you embed the booking widget in a page of your existing website.

View inside the code the parameters for width and height and change them as you require.Alternatively, grab the bottom-right corner of the Preview box to change the size of iframe and the code will change accordingly.

pantallazo:[sample iframe 1]
pantallazo:[sample iframe 2]

Free installation

Do want to use TuriTop but don't know how to install the booking app on your own website?

Send us an email to with the access details to your website and our tech team will have a look at it.

Most of the time we are able to install it very quickly. The only thing we may ask in return is that you subscribe to a paid plan before we go ahead with the set up.

Sometimes people give us access to websites that are broken or have a messy source code. In those cases we can't guarantee to be able to install the reservation software successfully.

Booking system 100% Customizable


Design the calendar as you like, change the background colors, buttons, fonts, etc.

You can change it yourself by adding CSS code or contact our support team and we will change the appearance as you require.

sample of booking form customized
second sample color settings
third sample color settings

Booking form

Ask your customers whatever your want in the booking form. You can use the default questions or generate your own.

Add checkbox fields to request acceptance of terms and conditions, newsletter subscription, etc.

The reservation software lets you indicate which fields are mandatory or optional. You can also decide if checkboxes must be clicked by default or not.

Important: For many businesses, the booking form fields needed in their website (customer's view) are different from the fields needed when the staff adds the booking. Therefore, when you create an input field in TuriTop, indicate if the field must be visible online (customer's view), offline (admin view), or always.

customize fields of the reservation form


The reservation software supports multiple currencies. If you cannot find yours let us know and we will add support for it.

You even have control at the service level, being able to charge in USD for "sample-service-A" and EUR for "sample-service-B".

View below the currently supported currencies.

pantallazo:[sample iframe 2]
• Australian Dollar
• Arab Emirates Dirham
• Argentine Peso
• Brazilian Real
• British Pound
• Chilean Peso
• Canadian Dollar
• Colombian Peso
• Czech Koruna
• Croatian Kuna
• Cuban Peso
• Danish Crown
• Egyptian Pound
• Euro
• British Pound
• Hong Kong Dollar
• Hungarian Forint
• Icelandic Krona
• Indian Rupee
• Indonesian Rupiah
• Israeli New Shekel
• Jamaican Dollar
• Japanese Yen
• Jordanian Dinar
• Malaysian Ringgit
• Mexican Peso
• New Taiwan Dollar
• New Zealand Dollar
• Moroccan Dirham
• Norwegian Krone
• Peruvian Nuevo Sol
• Philippine Peso
• Polish Zloty
• Russian Rouble
• Saudi Riyal
• Singapore Dollar
• South African Rand
• Swedish Krona
• Swiss Francs
• Taiwan New Dollar
• Thai Baht
• Turkish Lira
• Uruguayan Peso
• Yuan

Important: Use all those currencies without online payments, but for getting paid online you also need a payment gateway that supports your currency.


The control panel is available in three languages: English, Spanish and Italian.

The booking widget [what your customers see] it is translated into more than 20 languages. If you need a language we don't have just let us know and we will have it ready relatively quickly

How it works?
We do not use machine translation because the quality is not good enough. Instead, we have a section on the admin panel called "translations" where you can manually translate the text on each of the services.

We have already taken care of the text that is part of the application, such as "Book now", "Monday", "September", "Phone number", etc. You only have to translate the text written by yourself, like the name of your services or your extra notes for confirmation emails.

pantallazo:[sample iframe 2]

Current languages supported in the booking widget:

• Arabic
• Basque
• Catalan
• Chinese
• Croatian
• Czech
• Danish
• Dutch
• Finnish
• French

• Galician
• German
• Greek
• Hindi
• Italian
• Japanese
• Korean
• Norwegian
• Hebrew

• Polish
• Portuguese
• Russian
• Slovak
• Spanish
• Swedish
• Thai
• Turkish

Date formats

Choose between am/pm or 24h format like 21:00

Also, set your order preference between "day/month/year", "month/day/year" and "year/month/day".

Ticket Types and add-ons

Each service can have multiple ticket types with different prices. The classic example would be a show with three different ticket types: "adult", "child" and "VIP".

Each ticket type can have different prices and capacity. For example, you may have 200 seats for your show, but only 20 places available for VIP customers. The reservation app covers that case as well as many others.

Following the same example, you can also sell extra items at the time of booking such as "T-Shirt", "Photos" and "Videos".

Every business is unique so the booking engine covers a wide range of scenarios such as minimum required per ticket type, autoclose event when a certain ticket type is booked, tickets that occupy more than one place like "couples offer" or "family ticket", etc.

pantallazo:[sample admin panel with after clicking on showing extra options]
pantallazo:[sample booking box with an extra item activated]

Booking emails

The booking system will send automatically a confirmation email to you and your customer with the booking details.

Include in these emails additional information such as instructions for how to arrive, cancelation policy, etc.

It supports html input in case you need to insert banners, tables, or download links [for download links add the files on your server or dropbox account and include the links in the email confirmation notes].

You can customize it at the service level, having different content depending on the service booked.

pantallazo:[sample admin panel ]
pantallazo:[sample email]

Thank you page.

After completing a booking the user is sent to a thank you page with the Booking Reference Number and buttons for sharing on social networks.

Like with booking emails, it is possible to include additional information and html content such as banners and download links.

You can customize it at the service level, having different content depending on the service booked.

pantallazo:[sample admin panel ]
pantallazo:[sample confirmation page]

Powerful price settings


The booking software provide conditions and you choose which ones are required for applying the discount. In other words, TuriTop gives you the ingredients and you build the magic recipe.

This method is so flexible that you could set discounts as specific as the following: Reduce price 20% for events between 1 February to 15 of March IF the customer selects a minimum of 4 people AND writes the promocode TuriTopROCKS

Leave all the conditions blank and the discount will be applied always


  • Amount: Add the discount as a percentage or type the exact final price.
  • Apply To: Apply discount to all ticket types or just one of them.
  • Anticipation: You can set progressive discounts depending on the anticipation. For example, 8 weeks in advance -30% discount, 6 weeks in advance -25%, 4 weeks -20%, 2 weeks -15%, and for less than that -10% online discount. This pricing model helps you be fully booked in advance.
  • Promo code: Set a code that your customers must type to get the discount. More about it here
  • Valid from date: This will restrict the discount to events within the date range (e.g. low season).
  • Minimum PAX: Require a minimum of tickets to be selected for getting the discount. This is ideal for group discounts. Leave blank if the offer does not require a minimum of people
  • Maximum PAX: Require a maximum of tickets to be selected for getting the discount.
  • Facebook follower: The discount will be applied if the user is following you on Facebook. You need to add your Facebook page URL in the 'Company' section of this panel to make it work
  • Make it cumulative: It is used only in the case of overlapping discounts. By default, when more than one booking may apply, the booking app will take highest possible discount and ignore the rest, unless you click on "make it cumulative", in which case the discount will be added on top of other existing discounts.
pantallazo:[sample booking box with discount highlighted panel ]
pantallazo:[all admin options]

Price variations

There are two main differences between price variations and discounts:

  • Price variations let you make price increases.
  • Price variations show a single amount, unlike discounts that show the default price crossed out with the new price next to it.

Apart from that they work in the same way than discounts

pantallazo:[sample admin panel ]
pantallazo:[sample booking box]

Promo codes

This is a great tool for marketers, useful in the online and offline world.

How much money you spend on leaflets each year? With our reservation system you could add promo codes to your leaflets, assign a different promo code to each delivery zone and give them away. Then, as you receive your online bookings you can see, depending on the promo code used, on which locations leaflet works and were they don't.

Possibilities are endless. Reward the promo code distributors that work best and revise those areas that do not convert, making changes or ceasing delivery in that area.

The same happens in the online world. Ask one of your partners to post your promo code on their Facebook page or blog and evaluate the results.

pantallazo:[sample admin panel ]
pantallazo:[sample booking box]

Email reminders and SMS

Email reminders

Reduce the percentage of "no-shows" by sending customers an email reminder before the event starts. You can set the anticipation you prefer in hours e.g. 48 hours for sending the reminder 2 days before.

pantallazo:[sample admin + email subject below]

SMS notifications (clickatell)

Our integration with clickatell lets you send booking details by SMS to your customers and/or yourself.

Create your clickatell account and view their pricing here

After setting up your clickatell account just insert the clickatell info required in turitop admin panel (company tab → integrations → clickatell)

pantallazo:[sample admin panel ]
pantallazo:[sample screenshot sms in iphone]

Gift certificates

Forget the hassle of doing gift certificates one by one. Activate this options and the booking system will add an extra section to confirmation emails that customers can print, cut and deliver as present.

It is possible to change the default image we provide and upload one of your own. Set different images for each service or use the same for all.

Configure the gift-certificate functionality as you require. For example, you can require customers to choose a time and date to buy the gift certificate, or set an expiration date (e.g. 90 days after purchase), letting your customers buying the present without choosing date (the recipient of the gift will choose the date).

gift certificate
pantallazo:[sample booking box ]

Facebook and Google

Facebook reservation software

Install the booking widget on your Facebook page by adding your Facebook page url in TuriTop's admin panel and following the instructions on that section.

Tip: On your Facebook page, we recommend to publish links to your website periodically, reminding customers they can book online there. Do not post links to the Facebook booking app because, due to Facebook policy, external apps like our Facebook booking system are only shown to desktop users but not to mobile users. That's why we advice to send users to your own website rather than your Facebook page.

pantallazo:[sample admin ]
pantallazo:[sample Facebook Page ]

Facebook login

Once you install the reservation app in Facebook, you will be able to access your Turitop Account with the same Facebook administrator login. This means one less password to remember! Also, if you are already logged into Facebook TuriTop will send you straight to the Admin Panel without asking for login details

Google Analytics (referrals)

Google Analytics is not only about counting visitors.

Our integration lets you track the source of each booking before arrive to your website. Now you will know how many paying customers you get from Google searches, Tripadvisor, travel blogs, etc.

To set it up you have to insert your Google analytics ID into the booking engine. Read this blog post for more info about the installation.

Turitop Tour & Rental Booking System - Features new google analytics

Users and agencies

Create accounts with limited access to the online booking system for employees and agents.

For example, you can give access to receptionists to the tabs "Bookings" and "Calendar" so they can deal with day-to-day bookings and check-in process, but restrict their access to the tab "Edit Services" so they do not change or delete prices by mistake.

Another example is the translator account, which only has permission to create and modify translations but can not see tabs like "Stats" or "Bookings".

Last but not least, we have the agent accounts, which are really special compared to the rest:

Agents can see the "Bookings" and "Calendar" tabs, but their view is limited so they can only see the bookings assigned to them.

Your agents will be able to place bookings online if they wish. If they book by phone, your receptionist can add the booking manually into the reservation software and assign it to the agent.

Adding the agent to each bookings lets you use TuriTop as a single schedule. It can facilitate as well your invoicing work at the end of the month since you can export bookings by Agency in the "Bookings" tab.

manage users and agents view list of users

Transport options

This option is frequently requested by tour companies that provide pick up service to their customers.

It works in the following way: You create a list of pick up places, and another list for hotels/accommodations. When selecting the customer's hotel/accommodation, the system provides the corresponding pick up time and place.

The pick up place can be the same hotel, or another point nearby, that's why the system supports two lists.

Having all bookings with the pick up associated facilitates the admin work by letting you print transport sheets: go to "Bookings Tab" → Filter by day → order by pick up point → print or download → send it to the transporter.

pantallazo:[sample admin ]
pantallazo:[sample booking box ]
pantallazo:[sample filter (sort by transport) ]

Resources and autoclose

Shared schedules: Create as many services as you want and use a single calendar. Very useful if you have multiple services and just one vehicle.

Turitop Tour & Rental Booking System - Features shared calendars

Auto closed services:

A common use case for this feature is in private tours. This feature allows you to close an event as soon as you get the first booking, regardless of how many people was booked or the places left.

To activate follow these steps: Edit service → ticket types → more options → type 1 in the autoclose column

Typing "1" means the event will be close as soon as you receive "1" booking for that ticket type... If you type "3", the event will not be closed unless "3" of those tickets are booked.

Turitop Tour & Rental Booking System - Features autoclose


Group services by categories

Group services into categories to facilitate the navigation.

The most common use cases are the following two:

1) Related services in the same page: If you have a page within talking about more than one service, instead of inserting an iframe for each of those services, you can group all those services into the same category and insert the widget corresponding to that category.

For example, if the page talks about quad tours and you offer three related services (quad circuit tour, quad forest tour and quad coast tour), instead of showing a calendar on the first load, the booking widget will show three buttons: one for each tour. Users will click on a button to see the calendar for that particular tour and they will have a back button to return to the menu

pantallazo:[sample admin ]
pantallazo:[sample Facebook Page ]

2) Same widget for all services: You can group services into categories and insert a widget of "categories". This widget has a two levels menu, one click for choosing the category and second click for choosing the service.

Mobile website (PRO)

Since April 2015 Google is penalizing strongly those website that do not have a mobile friendly version of their web.

TuriTop generates an entire mobile website from the information you insert in the system.

If your website is mobile friendly you do not need this functionality, but if your website is not ready for mobile you may take advantage of this powerful feature.

*The mobile web is for customers subscribed to the PRO plan. If you do not want to upgrade you can still have it for a one-off payment of 250€

Turitop Tour & Rental Booking System - Features smartphone 1 en
Turitop Tour & Rental Booking System - Features smartphone 2 en
Turitop Tour & Rental Booking System - Features smartphone 3 en

Require anticipation for booking online

Depending on your type of business, you may always have places if people book online with +3 days anticipation, so you could keep writing bookings as ussual (e.g. pen and paper) and allow online bookings IF more than 3 days of anticipation. When you get an online booking just add it to your current agenda and for bookings with less than 3 days anticipation ask them to phone you or visit your office

It's a quick way to get started with TuriTop and if you ever run into overbooking, there is a 3 days window to contact the costumer and change the date or give a refund.

Having said that, we recommend to add all your bookings directly into TuriTop's admin panel (no pen and paper). This way your availability will be kept accurate and you will be able to reduce the required anticipation to, for example, 1 hour or so before the start.

Turitop Tour & Rental Booking System - Features activacion reserva

Reselling third party services

Resell services created by other companies using TuriTop. You can send them petitions and if they accept, the booking system will show their service on your admin panel with code needed to insert them on your own website.

The reseller will only show places available if they exist on the source service. When a reseller sells a ticket, both companies get the booking email and the details will appear on both admin panels. More info here

Turitop Tour & Rental Booking System - Features resell