Latest improvements 01-2018

Booking Reports

We have created a new section so you can filter your reports in many ways. You can select different dates, filter data for all services or a single one and select the columns that you want to display in your reports. Once you have the search values you want, you can export that data.

Booking Reports
Booking Reports

Native Buttons

From now on you can choose the ticket format selector. There are three types of selectors available:

  • Selection box: This is the standard format that you already knew.
  • Check box: it lets you choose several options with just a mouse click
  • Option box: similar to the check box, but only allows you to select just one ticket (pretty much used in Escape Rooms)

You will find it in the tab Services >>> choose your service >>> ”TICKETS” >>> Ticket format selector.

New event status colours

Available hours (green). The only clickable hours.

Closed Hours (red). Not available to book.

Release closed hours (violet). You can add a personalized text to be called for booking.

Expired hours (grey and crossed out).

Logs improvement (you can see now a user’s formatted description)

If you didn’t know by now, user’s log shows actions that have been done by all users of your TuriTop account. We have improved the way of showing these messages so that they are easier to interpret. We remind you that this is an advanced tool, but very powerful and useful.

You will find this functionality in the More (+) button of the main control panel >>> Block / Users log.

Block / unblock seats

If you own a VIP account, you can have the seat numbering widget (such as in cinemas, theatres, etc.). This new functionality allows you to block any seat with a single button click. Click the blocked chair again to unlock it.

You will find this functionality in the More (+) button of the main navigation panel>>> Locking / unlocking seats.

unblock seats
Block / unblock seats

Small changes and fixes

  • Small bug fixes
  • Some changes in the daily widget (faster, functional…)

Do you have any improvement suggestions for us? Get in contact with us at

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