Latest Improvements 06-2019

Zapier integration

Zapier is a very useful application, which allows you to automate multiple tasks of your daily basis. Using TuriTop Webhooks you can connect with your Zapier account and perform actions such as generating invoices, multiple reminders, sending emails with personalized templates, sending notifications and much more.

Where do I find it?: Follow this tutorial.

Zapier and TuriTop
Zapier integration

Booking preferences

Apply to back-office: you can limit the display count of future months of the booking calendar, not only in the widget but also in the Back-office (Calendar tab)

Changes/Cancellation: this option is available in Back-office and prevents agents or resellers to make changes or to add new bookings from the Back-office (Calendar Tab), with less anticipation to the one specified here.

Where do I find it?: From any service >>> Default settings >>> Booking preferences.

Ticket options

If you activate the “Required” option, the customer will have to select at least the selected quantity on the “Min” field, i.e. if in the ticket type “Adult” is Min = 4, Then, in order to continue the booking, the customer will have to book 4 adults to make it to the check-out section. 

Ticket notes: allows you to add information icons like this to offer more information about each ticket type. 

Where do I find it?: From any service >>> Tickets.

Additional notes by type of ticket in the confirmation email

Now you can add extra notes in the confirmation email for the types of tickets that your customers choose. For example, if the customer chooses the type of ticket “Insurance”, the system will add the specific notes of this type of ticket (Insurance conditions).

Where do I find it?: From any service >>> Booking Email/Receipt >>> Advanced Options.

Other improvements

Option to de-activate the auto-filling feature of multiclient purchases.

Where do I find it?: From any service >>> Booking Form.

Improvements on the system stability and minor bug fixes

As every month, system stability and minor bug fixes are our biggest concern to provide the best user experience possible.

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