Latest Improvements 08-2018

Widget loading speed improved

We’ve made some minor tweakings to the widget’s loading operation to enhance its loading speeds and boost our system stability.

New note field option in the calendar tab

It has been included a new option to add a note in an event in the calendar when the first has been manually closed. This is a helpful tool to allow you to inform colleagues and work partners about changes in bookings, hours, etc.

Renewed email sending system from amazon web services

Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services

There’s a new and improved email system which is reliable, faster and safer based on amazon web services Learn how to connect your own email domain here.

Monthly simplified calendar view

A new view from calendar will allow the possibility of register agents entries, simplify the purchase process and will improve the productivity of your workers and users. It will also let you select a language, all from your back-office.

Release time and future days

Now from your service’s edit area, you can configure a release time by days, hours and minutes and, also, you’ll find a new function that allows you to select up to 24 months for customers to book your service.

Minor changes in the search fields of the bookings search engine

We have enabled two new search fields in the bookings tab, the first to look for pick-up points hours and the second, to search the booking by the agent (user) that made it.

Discounts compatibility added

The multi-client feature now supports “Total final price” in discounts.

Minor bug fixes and stability improvement.

We remind you that all the improvements, articles of interest, tutorials and other documentation are published in our Help Center, We recommend you visit it regularly.

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