Latest Improvements 10-2018

Edit availability from BackOffice on the go

Increasing or decreasing the number of people you accept per event is much easier with this new functionality. From your BackOffice (Calendar tab) you will see a new icon . When you click on it you will see the following screen:

Edit availability
Edit availability

Resale support from your Back-Office

TuriTop Booking Software

From now on, all agents that resell your services from TuriTop’s MarketPlace, will be able to register their bookings from their BackOffice (Calendar tab). Keep in mind that reseller agents will only see the bookings they have made themselves but you will be able to see all the bookings from all agents and resellers.

Payment error notifications on any booking

When a customer can’t make a payment and the booking is in Autodeleted mode, TuriTop will show a payment error message. This will help you understand what could have been wrong and have more information on your end if you need to contact your payment gateway.

Notifications when an email is rejected

Every time an email could not be sent to a customer, we will notify you by email. The most probable cause for this is the end customer to misspell his/her email address. This email is only available in the English language.

Pickup anticipation configuration

In the pick-up points configuration tab, you will find a new feature from which you’ll be able to prevent the popping-up of the pick-up checkbox in your booking calendar if the booking is being made close to the event’s beginning. Configure at your convenience.

  • Option 1: fixed time the day before the event.
  • Option 2: time range before the event.

Minor bug fixes and stability improvements

As every month, our priority is the system stability and bug fixes in order to offer the best user experience.

We remind you that all the improvements, articles of interest, tutorials and other documentation are published in our Help Center, We recommend you visit it regularly.

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