Latest Improvements 10-2019

Allow clients to edit and cancel bookings

You can now activate this new feature where your customers could edit their contact information, reschedule or cancel their bookings from the booking confirmation they have received by Email. Learn more here.

Where do I find it?: At Company or service Tab >>> Default settings >>> Changes / cancellation >>> End users (only for online bookings)

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We have added a new payment gateway: Bizum (only available for Spain). Bizum is a new way to save time to your customers since the payment is carried out only with the phone number, without the need to enter card or account data. Using it is very simple. Increase easily your conversions!

Where do I find it?: Company Tab >>> Receiving Payments.

Global Payments (Realex)

We have updated this payment gateway to the new PSD2 regulations. If your company is based in Ireland, UK, France or Germany do not hesitate to use it for receiveing payments from your customers.

Where do I find it?: Company Tab >>> Receiving Payments.

API Improvements

We have improved response times to insert or delete a booking through the API. Also, the times for the availability query have been improved.

Minor changes

  • We have added Bank transfer as a new method of payment for bookings inserted from the back-office.

    Where do I find it?:
     Company Tab >>> Receiving Payments >>> Back-ofiice
  • Changes on Billing Info tab. Now you can add up to 5 credit/debit cards. We have also made improvements to the design.

    Where do I find it?: Company Tab >>> Billing Info
  • Improvements on Report Page.

    Where do I find it?: More Tab >>> Reports.

Coming soon

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