Send one time promo codes from MailChimp

Promo codes from MailChimp

As it is well known, through your TutiTop Booking System you can create packages of promo codes randomly and one time use only. This feature is pretty useful for it makes easy the process of creating promo codes and helps improve the cross-sale of your products and services.

There are three steps to create and send discount codes: First, create discounts in TuriTop, secondly add these codes to your subscribers list on MailChimp and, lastly send the emails.

Let’s start, step by step:

Create promotional codes in TuriTop

This is how you generate the promotional codes:

  1. Get to the service you’d like to create the codes in and go to Prices & Discounts.
  2. Choose the type of discount you’d like to create: Percentage to discount (%), different price per ticket (€), reduce from final price (€) y different final price (€).
  3. Determine if you want it to be applied to all ticket types or just one.
  4. Clic on multiple promo code.
  5. In the repeat checkbox, indicate the quantity of codes you need to generate and, in the prefix checkbox if you’d like them to start with a personalized letter or word. 
  6. Click on create and you’re done! Now we have our promo codes for one time use only.

Add the promo codes to your MailChimp lists

In the instructions stated below, we assume that you want to send to each subscriber a one time only promo code.

  1. Export your MailChimp contact list.
  2. In the CSV file that is generated, erase all columns but the email one (This will speed up the import).
  3. Create a new column in the CSV file called, e.g. Promo Code.
  4. Add the promo codes generated in TuriTop for each contact in the Promo Code column.
  5. Import the CSV file, which contains the email address of each subscriber and its promo code into your MailChimp list. When importing, you’d need to create a new column of the promo code.

Now you’ll have a discount promotional code to each contact of your MailChimp list.

Send the promo codes to your MailChimp subscribers

Now that the promo codes are in your MailChimp list, you’ll be able to sent the code to each contact in your list. This is what’s need to be done:

  1. Create a new campaign in MailChimp.
  2. In the Design tab of your campaign, add the Code Discount tag in the place of the email you want it to appear in.
  3. Test it and send your campaign.

Each subscriber will receive an email message with the associated promo code.

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