How to install my booking system on Jimdo

TuriTop is a cloud application to manage your bookings (on-line and off-line). It’s pretty easy to set up and install on your Jimdo website and once it is working, your customers will be able to book a seat in just a few clicks, using any electronic device (smartphone, tablet or PC).

If you haven’t opened an account with us yet, we recommend you to open a free account here.

Step 1: Get the widget code from TuriTop Booking System.

Log into your TuriTop account. Then, go to Services tab, click on the service that you want to embed on your Jimdo website and copy the following codes (Widget code and Global code):


Step 2: Add the Widget Code and Global code to your Jimdo website


  • Paste the both codes provided to you in Step 1 and paste it into the Widget/HTML Element. Paste first the Widget Code and just below the Global Code.

  • Hit Save.

  • Refresh your page and look at your site in View Mode—you should see your widget appearing where you placed it.

Now you are ready to install the Widget on your Jimdo page!