QR codes

QR code or Quick Response Code is a type of bar-code. A QR code uses four encoding modes: numeric, alphanumeric, binary and Kanji to store information. It was first designed for the Japanese automobile industry but it quickly gained use because of its much higher information capacity compared with traditional bar-codes.

Turitop booking system has a native application. Download it here. 

In TuriTop, all confirmation emails have a unique QR code integrated. And now you wonder... What do I need this for? It's simple: scan the code with your mobile device and you will be able to mark it as checked-in. If someone tries to use the same QR in the future it will indicate that the customer had already checked in. Save search and check time, and update all your booking information within your control panel.
If the Check was accepted  If the check in was denied
This will help you detect people trying to use falsified codes, out of date reservations or already used reservations.

Now you can use your phone to check in your customers when they arrive with your booking software!