How to install my SMS messaging system

06.06.2017 12:48:10

Clickatell, the mobile messaging company makes it easy. By following these steps, you will sign up and set up your account within few minutes, and will be able to send automatic SMSs to your customers. Also receive automatic notifications to your own smartphone whenever a booking is made, so you'll be aware of all your reservations.


To synchronize your TuriTop’s booking system with Clickatell, the first step is to sign up, then buy credits to send messages and last you will need to insert your Clickatell’s account information inside your TuriTop’s control panel.

Let's get started!

Step 1

Visit the website:

And click on "Get Started" or "Sign up" (background image and buttons position could be changed)


Step 2

Enter your contact details

It is very important that your email and phone number are correct. Make sure you don’t make any mistake.

Clickatell 2

Step 3

Select the countries you want to send SMSs

Usually your website will receive bookings from countries around the world, thereby we recommend to click on "Anywhere in the world" option.

Then click on "Create account"

Clickatell 3

Or if you prefer, choose the countries to which you want SMS to be sent. The system will ignore other countries and only emails will be send.

Then click "Next"

NOTE: If you have chosen not to send SMSs to everyone but a few countries, a new window will appear (STEP 3). Here you must choose the right option "Developer's Central"

Then click “Create Central Account


Step 4

Purchase Clickatell credits

Once you have created your account, you will have access to your Clickatell Control Panel, where you must buy credits to send SMS to your customers.

NOTE: Clickatell gives you 100 free credits, but these credits will only serve for testing. If you want your customers to receive SMS booking confirmations you must buy credits.

NOTE: Write down your API ID, we will use it afterwards inside our TuriTop control panel.

Once you have clicked "Buy Clickatell Credits" you must fill your billing information to complete the purchase.

Clickatell 6

Step 5

Integration with your TuriTop booking system.

Now that have enough credits on your Clickatell account, you are almost ready to send your first SMS booking notifications. You just only need to connect this account with your booking system. To do this log in to your TuriTop account.


And finally fill in your Clickatell’s user informtion:

  • Your username and password will be in your email inbox.
  • We showed your API id and recommended you to save it in Step 4 (use your own API id from your control panel).
  • The phone number where you wish to receive SMS confirmations.
  • Click the first checkbox if you also want your customers to receive the confirmation SMS. If you leave it unchecked only you will receive confirmation via SMS.
  • Select "Limit the size of the message ..." to send one SMS. Otherwise several SMSs will be sent to all bookings, increasing messaging costs.