Integrate Google Adwords with TuriTop

05.06.2017 17:18:50

Google Adwords is an advertising service from the technology giant Google. They let you advertise on their search engine and in webpages. They use targeted advertising to personalize the way you want to reach your clients. So, if you are looking to expand your sales with new advertising, Google Adwords is a very good place to start.

Google Adwords Icon 

The Benefits are great. Grow your business with new online and physical visitors. Reach old and new clients. You can decide to advertise locally or globally, set the parameters you want. You can target the audience you want whenever you want.

If you are interested you can sign in and get more information on their web page

Or look for video tutorials on their youtube channel.

How do you integrate TuriTop with Google Adwords?

You'll have to link your Google Adwords and Analytics accounts. To link your account to TuriTop to see the data of how your campaigns are going you will have to link both accounts.

If you do not have a Google Analytics account, create one and link it with TuriTop. Go to this article to know how.

Now you have to link both accounts. Follow the instructions here.

Now you are ready to begin using Google Adwords