Turitop API documentation

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Introduction: ¿What is an API?

The Application Programming Interface1 has the ability to communicate between several software components of different origins.

To understand this better, an API allows third party software to connect to your TuriTop Booking System.

¿What can I do with an API?

TuriTop's API opens a wide range of possibilities. 

  • Create your own booking widget.
  • Connect with any payment gateway of your preference.
  • Send booking data to your accounting software or CRM.
  • And so much more... 

Requirements: ¿Where do I start?

Keep in Mind: In order to use TuriTop's API, you must be registered as a VIP user of your booking system TuriTop. Click here to see our pricing. For OTAs please contact us here.

 When you're subscribed to a VIP account, you'll just need to request the integration. 

 Request API Integration

Once your request has been evaluated and you're notified that you may proceed to make the connection, you must do the following:

Step 1 - Log into your TuriTop's account

Go to your Control Panel >>> ''Company'' >>> ''Components/Integrations'' >>> ''TuriTop API'' and click on ''Generate Key''.

Generate  Key

Step 2 - Go to TuriTop's API Documentation

For this step you only need to go to https://developers.turitop.com/. You can also access this link from the TuriTop API section above. To login, you only need the Short_id and the TuriTop API key that you generated in the previous step. Here you will find all the documentation of the API and you will be able to test its necessary functions for development.

Warning: TuriTop's API must only be used by a trained programmer or technician in order to have a better understanding of it's functionalities. 


Step 3 - Share availability with third party users

If you want to use the TuriTop API to receive our users' availability, you will first have to use the resale system. Follow this tutorial to make the appropriate resale requests.

Now you know how to access TuriTop's API!