Booking system for Cinemas, Theaters and all kinds of Auditoriums

15.11.2017 12:49:24

TuriTop is the perfect Booking system for selling tickets to your concerts and events. Save time and money using a booking engine that covers every requirement of a ticket sales software. Set up your schedules, create your own promo codes, your own discounts depending on the anticipation, you can also customize the confirmation email your clients will receive after purchasing and much more.  Furthermore TuriTop has a free app to scan your customers' tickets from any Android device.

Which are the  Advantages of using TuriTop? 

  • Gift Vouchers can be redeemed by your customers from your website or from the email that they have received.

  • 100 % Responsive - accessible from any Mobile, Tablet y PC.

  • Integration with Google Analytics, Facebook, Viator, Shopping Cart and more.

  • Automatic Review Emails after the activity. Send your TripAdvisor or Facebook link and ask for a comment.

  • Support in English 7 days a week - 365 days a year.

  • Booking widget customizable  [what your customers see] translated into more than 32 languages.

  • Send confirmation emails and reminders.

  • Change the design of the widget and use your corporate color

These are only some of TuriTop's  features, please have a look to  our Dossier  to find out more. 

Example of the Widget:

Make a test/trial booking and receive a confirmation email so you check how TuriTop works.



Confirmation Email example:

Confirmation Email


Do you want to receive more information about TuriTop? 

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