Booking Email

Booking Email

Is there anything more important in a Booking system than the booking email your customers receive? Perhaps there isn't since there are several elements that your business must include in this confirmation message, such as photographs, images, maps, terms and conditions, cancellation policies, tour options, etc. Your customers will feel safer when having confirmation for their bookings.

Furthermore, the TuriTop booking system allows you to customize the booking email in two ways, which will improve your engagement with your customers and in this article we will show you how to configure it. 

Email Templates

Our email templates can be found under the Company or Service Tabs. Either path you choose, the interface will be the same. However, if you choose to use the company default, you must click on the checkmark "Use company defaults" from Service >>> Edit >>> Booking Email >>> Email Templates >>> Use company defaults.

Light Breeze (recommended)

This is our flagship email template for your booking email configuration. It has some features that will help you create a stunning email confirmation template. To start, go to Company/Service >>> Booking Email >>> Email Templates >>> Choose an email design >>> Select Light Breeze:

Light Breeze Template

Now you can start working on your custom email template. First, add a subject to the message (this is what your customers will read in their inboxes) and then start working on the body of the email. 

Message development tool

Advice: use the placeholders to automate your message with information taken from your service in TuriTop. You can use them on both the body and the subject of the message. 
Message Subject

Use a simple subject to indicate the most important information on the booking, i.e.

Message SubjectMessage Body

In this section, you can use any of the tools provided to make the most out of your template. There are several editing tools as well to achieve this task. Don't forget to use the placeholders:

Message BodyPlaceholders

These are the available placeholders, use them as you see fit:

%name% >>> Customer's full name
%product_name% >>> Service name
%product_summary%  >>> Service summary
%date_event% >>> Event date
%company_name% >>> Company name
%company_email% >>> Company email
%company_phone% >>> Company phone
%booking_id% >>> Booking id

Message body position

You can choose to either show the message's body at the beginning or at the end of the message. Just select the best option for you:

Showing the message bodySettings

There are several settings options for the configuration of the email template. These are as follows: 

Show company logo

Enabling this option will make your company's logo show on the message. This logo can be uploaded to your TuriTop account from Company >>> Business info. 

Add button to download a PDF

This option will include a download PDF button on the message's body which will allow your customers to download their booking as a PDF file. 

Include the QR code

By clicking on this checkmark, the booking Email will include the QR code for the booking.

Include the bar code

This option will allow you to include the bar code for the booking on the email template. 

Include the "Add to Google Calendar" button

Almost everyone uses Google Calendar nowadays. Enabling this option will add a button to your email confirmation template which will allow customers to add the booking's event data and information to their Google Calendar. 

Include the service location coordinate map

In this section, you will be able to include a map with coordinates to your event's location directly into your booking email template. This is a Button that your customers can click to take them to the Google Maps application. More importantly, you can add a preview image for the location right under this option:

Select file for Map image

Warning: in order for this to work, you must have your service's coordinates entered in Service >>> Edit >>> Service details >>> Coordinates.
Including images

If you'd like to include a background image, just click on the checkmark and select a file to upload:

Background image

Keep in mind: you can crop the image to best fit the message's body and guarantee the email to be responsive.

 To crop the image, first, select a file from your computer and add the image. Then, use the cropping tool as depicted on the following video and when finish, click on "Add image":

Cropping the background image

Finally, you can choose to show this image at the beginning or at the end of the booking email. You just will need to select the option in the select box below:

Select position of the imagePreviewing your message

At the end of the template section, you'll find a "Preview Email" button which will prompt a preview of your template with all the configuration you just made.

Preview Template


The classic template will allow you to build a rich HTML email template yourself. This is only recommended for advanced users. With these few tips, you will be able to insert images, links, and maps on any website or text editor. To insert HTML lines into your confirmation email please go to your service >>> ''Booking Email''>>> Email Templates >>> Choose an email design >>> Classic.

Advice: Use this HTML checker to see how your changes look.
Inserting a text with a link

Enter before or after this code to show regular text without a link.

<a href="" target="_blank">YOUR TEXT HERE</a> 
Inserting an image

Enter the image's location URL inside the quotes "".

<img src="http://www.LINK WHERE THE IMAGE IS">
Inserting an image with a link

Enter the redirection URL in the first section and the image's location URL inside the quotes "" in the "img src" second section. 

<a href="http://www.WEBSITE AFTER YOU CLICK ON THE" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.LINK WHERE THE IMAGE IS"width="100%" height="250"></a> 
How to insert a map

Not all email providers show interactive maps. Use the iframe code of your map only on the TuriTop "Thank you page"(Located in Service >>> Edit >>> Default Settings >>> Extra notes to include on booking-success screen), not in the confirmation email.

How do I get the iframe code for my Google's map location?

  1. Go to Google maps and find your business.
  2. Click to "Share" button
  3. A new window will pop up. Then click on "Embed map".
  4. Choose the size of your map. Then copy and paste this iframe code inside your TuriTop control panel.
How to insert an image of a map with a link to the Google maps location

Using the same code pattern explained above in "Inserting an image with a link".

<a href="http://www.WHERE THE GOOGLE MAP IS" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.LINK WHERE THE IMAGE IS"width="100%" height="250"></a> 

That's it! Now you're ready to create stunning booking confirmation emails for your customers!