How to edit schedules


Editing services' schedules in your booking software is intuitive, as long as you don't have any bookings made on the date/time you would like to modify.

Edit Schedules

To edit the schedule, go to ''Services'' >>> ''Schedule''.

In the example below you'll see, that as there are bookings made for that date/time, it won't allow you to delete it or modify it. You can edit bookings manually to change the schedule and then delete / modify the previous schedule that you do not want to use any longer or add a new schedule and close the existing schedule (day by day, a full month depending on the set up).

Keep in Mind: In order to modify bookings manually, go to ''Bookings'' and once you have selected the booking you want to modify, click on  to edit it. If you need further information about the booking tab, click here

Delete Schedules

Once you have edited the bookings, you will be able to delete or modify the specific schedule, it can be a entire row, or  a specific hour for a date.

Add New Schedule

To add a new schedule, you just need to select if it's the same schedule for an specific month/s or the whole year. 


To close specific time, or full days or full months, go to  ''Services'' >>> ''Schedule'' >>> ''Close single events, full days or entire months'' in your booking system. In the example below, we have closed a single event, entire day and a full month.

If on the contrary, you don't want to delete any schedules, you only want to modify the availability of the available seat, you can use Resource Manager. For further information about Resources, click here.

Hide hours in Schedule

In order to hide hours in your booking widget, you just need to unmark the Show hours check box in Add events that repeat on a weekly basis.

Hide hours

Warning: when check boxes are marked individually, it means there is/are event/s that day. If, on the contrary, they're not marked, this means there is/are not any event that day.


Keep in Mind: with this change, hours won't show neither in the booking widget nor the confirmation email.

 You are ready to edit your services' schedules in your booking software