TuriTop's Troubleshooting Guide

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Here you'll find the most frequent asked questions about your TuriTop booking system. This guide will help you solve some of the most common issues in our App.

Common questions asked

1- Is TuriTop Booking System compatible with third party email server?

Yes, it's compatible. However, only available for L/VIP plan subscribers. If you need to use a third party email server and would like to upgrade to a higher plan, click here.

Warning: TuriTop third party email service is not compatible with STARTTLS authentication protocol.

2- How do I erase/remove a booking and how do I manually insert a booking in my back office with a past date?

To erase a booking just go to your Control Panel >>> Bookings Tab, search the booking you need to erase and click on the trash bin symbol . To know how to insert a booking manually please click here.

3- Can I duplicate services?

Currently, duplicating services is not available.

4- I have several employees, is it possible to have TuriTop's app training?

TuriTop offers free of charge support all year round. However, training is available if you have new employees, please contact support by clicking here and we'll make an estimate for you.

5- If I change prices in my services, what happens to those reservations already booked?

If you make changes to your prices in a service, this will not affect bookings that have already been made. However, you may change the price of the old ones manually. Please, refer to this article.

6- Can I add TuriTop's widget in more than one web page?

Yes, this is possible by embedding your widget in any website you like. Take into account that if you install the same code that you installed on your website, the payments will go to your account and the corporate image will be the same. If you want the payments to reach another account or the corporate image to be different, you'll have to subscribe to a new TuriTop account. You can also use the affiliate system if you want all the sales of your resellers to be saved in statistics. If you need help with the widget's installation, please click here.

7- How do I manually insert a booking?

In order to insert a manual booking you need to do so in your Calendar tab of your control panel. Fin out how to do it by clicking here.

8- Where can I change my invoicing data

Log into your Control Panel >>> Company >>> Billing info. Here you'll be able to change all field related to your company's information.

9- How can I change my email address?

If you need to change your email address, log into your Control Panel and clic on your Turitop ID (on the right upperside). Next enter into My account to modify your email address.

10- Where Can I check/print/download my invoices?

To consult all invoices, Log into your Control Panel >>> Company >>> Billing info. Here you can upgrade your plan too or cancel/freeze/edit your current subscription plan.

11- What should I do if I'm experiencing problems with a payment?

If you're experiencing problems with your payment gateway, the best thing you can do is manage them in your gateway's dashboard. Click here to find more info about your payment gateway.