Latest improvements 10-2017

These are the latest improvements that have been uploaded October 2017:

1. Send email payment reminder

Now we give you the option of sending and email reminding the customer to finish the payment. You can send this email reminder while making a new booking through the Back-office or send it to an existing booking. 

Warning: This link will only work if these three conditions are met: 1. If the status of the booking is showing as ''Pending'', 2. If you had typed a customer's valid email, 3. If you have enabled at least one payment gateway.

To send the payment to an existing booking, please go to the send email button Once the request payment by email is sent, the booking will have a new row at the end of the booking saying:  Payment request sent on ..... (see on the image)

The bellow image shows the email the customer will receive reminding the payment. Once the payment is done, the customer will receive the confirmation booking Email.

2. Users logs

Now you will be able to see all the changes made by any user/agent. Booking editions, changes on the schedule, on prices, etc.

Choose the date and type the user/agent name. You can also search by booking number, client name, etc.

To access the log, go the tab "MORE"  in your TuriTop control panel (Navigation bar). Only administrators have access to this section.

3. Transfer set up by day and/or time

You can set your transfer up in a more specific way. You will be ale to select the days and the times you want for a specific transfer point.

Apply to: choose if it applies to a range date or a single day.

Weekdays: you can apply it everyday or either personalize it with the weekdays you want.

Hours:  allows you to enable the transfer for every hour you are offering the service or either choose the hours when you want to offer that transfer.

4. Updated look and new order on the TuriTop Dashboard

We have updated the look of the dashboard. They are mainly visual changes on the icons. We have also change the order of some sections.

You will see that inside each service we have also changed some icons and the order of some sections.


We have simplified the creation of new services. From now on you will see it like this:


5. Small changes and fixes

  • Some small bug fixes
  • Fixes on Viator API
  • Various small changes to the daily widget (speed, functionality, adaptability with JS integration,...)

Do you have any improvement suggestions for us? Get in contact with us at