How to sync PayPal with TuriTop

Activate PayPal as payment gateway

If you want to activate PayPal as a payment gateway you need to read this article. 

First of all you will have to sign up for a PayPal Business account if you already have an account keep reading , if not click here and we will help you with the set up.

Go to the ''Company'' tab >>> ''Receiving Payments'' >>> ''PayPal'' of your TuriTop booking system.

Once you have clicked on ''Receiving Payments'', all the available payment gateways will be shown, choose PayPal, you only need to enter the email with which you signed up on PayPal and click on "Active" (as done in the image below). 

To finish setting up PayPal, you will have to make a test payment to verify that you receive the money.

Warning: the ''Test mode'' checkbox, it is only for the test purposes, you can activate it to try if PayPal is working properly, but you need to deactivate afterwards or real payments won't go through. 

Learn how to use PayPal

Finding Transactions

You can use the Transaction Finder report to search for text in the name or description fields of a transaction.

  • From Account Overview, go to ''History'' >>> ''Reports''.
  • Select ''Transaction Finder report''
  • Enter date range and text you are searching for. 

Issue a refund

If you need to make a refund, just need to open the transaction and once s opened, you will see a text in blue 'Issue a refund' which is clickable so just click on it and the refund will be done. 

For further info, here.

You are ready to sync and use your PayPal Account!