How to open a Stripe account and integrate it with TuriTop

06.06.2017 13:29:33

Stripe is a fast, secure and worldwide payment gateway, that accepts multiple credit/debit cards and offers a neat and easy user interface. It is so good that you will be convinced before you finish this blog post. Follow these simple steps to open an account with Stripe and connect it with your TuriTop booking system.

stripe 10

Stripe is a great tool to receive payments from your clients, without complicated forms like PayPal's, and also offers lower fees. It is a perfect alternative if you want to start receiving secured payments very quick and want to avoid misunderstandings of any kind. Your clients also will be able to type their phone number (remember me checkbox) to allow Stripe to remember their credit/debit cards information, making future bookings faster and more secure.

Another advantage over Paypal is that your money will go directly into your bank account.
Forget about re-entering all your information to make a payment. Your percentage of paid reservations will increase considerably. Try it and see ;-)

Take a look at an example of what your clients will see to pay >>>

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How to open a Stripe Account

If you already have a Stripe account, please go directly to Step 5.

Step 1 - Start

Go to your TuriTop panel in COMPANY >>> RECEIVING PAYMENTS >>> STRIPE, and click on Connect with Stripe.
Visit Stripe's website >>>
NOTE: The control panel is only available in English.

Step 2 - Sign up

Depending on your country you can see a "Sign up" or a "Join Beta" screen.

See here the whole list of countries:

Click on "Sign up" OR click on "Join Beta" if your country is on the beta list.

NOTE: at the moment only a few countries are on the beta list (do not worry, even if it's on beta is totally functional).

Step 3 - Confirmation

Add your email and add a password and click on create account

 Stripe N2


Instantly you will receive an email from Stripe asking you to confirm the Stripe account. Click on the first link they send and you will automatically go to your control panel.

Stripe N3

IMPORTANT: If you get a pop up asking you how do you want to use Stripe, make sure you select "Go straight to your dashboard"

Step 4 - Activation

Click on Activate Your Account and a long form will appear that you will need to fill out to activate your account. They will ask for your company and bank information among others.

NOTE: Click on the images to enlarge them.

Stripe N4

Step 5 - Connect to TuriTop

To receive payments on your website and Facebook page and register them on your TuriTop booking system, you need to do the following:


1. On your Stripe dashboard click on API (On the left just below Webhooks)

2. Then the section will appear with the API Keys. Copy the codes "Live Secret Key" and "Live Publishable Key"

Stripe API 


3. Paste the two codes to your TuriTop control panel, on the section "Company" >>> "Receiving Payments" >>> "Stripe"

Stripe 3

4. If you want to show all your refunds on TuriTop control panel you must copy the return notification URL (WebHooks) that appears in your TuriTop control panel and paste it on Stripe:

  1. Go to Webhooks in your Stripe Dashboard.
  2. Click on add endpoint.
  3. Copy the URL there.

Stripe Webhooks 1

Stripe Webhooks 3

5. To show notifications via email to your clients each time they make a payment or you make them a refund, you have to go to Business Settings on your Stripe Dashboard, then Email Receipts to see the checkboxes for "Successful payments" and "Refunds".

6. Connect with Stripe.

  1. Go to your TuriTop Panel >>> Company >>> Receiving Payments >>> Stripe and click on the button that reads "Connect with Stripe"

  2. Log into Stripe (it will be done automaticallu if you are already logged in)

  3. A Green message will appear on that section saying that you are connected.

Well Done! You have now your Stripe account set up and synchronized with your TuriTop booking system