How to Set Up Redsys

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If you decided to receive payments from your customers using the virtual Point of Sale (POS) of your own bank, these are the steps necessary to activate it.

Once you have applied to your bank for having a virtual POS, you will receive a long and complex email from Redsys. 

Keep in Mind:  the virtual POS is already integrated in TuriTop, so it isn't necessary to read all the incomprehensible email from Redsys, but follow these 7 steps.

Scroll to the bottom to see the possible values ??of Ds_Response (Indicates the status of any transaction)

Step 1: Set up Email

Inside Redsys email you will get the information to configure your virtual POS for "testing mode". Take a look at this information:

  • Merchant Code (FUC): "335088258"
  • Terminal number: "1"
  • Merchant Secure Key or Encryption key, HASH_Pru: "sq7HjrUOBfKmC576ILgskD5srU870gJ7"

Step 2: Select Redsys payment gateway

Enter to your TuriTop Control Panel and go to your booking system's control panel and then to  "Company" tab >>> "RECEIVING PAYMENTS" >>> "REDSYS PAYMENT GATEWAY (Spain)".

Now copy and paste the three codes received in the mail. 

Keep in Mind: Leave ''Auto-capture payment'' marked to receive payments instantly. Unmark this box if you want to save your customers credit card information for a limited time (ask your bank about the limit), and capture the payment manually from your Redsys control panel. You need to request to your bank to activate this option before you unmark ''Auto-capture payment''.

Step 3: Activate Test Mode

Mark ''Test mode'' so you can make requested test. 

The bank will request that these two options are met
1- Place where the transaction takes place (add your tax address)

The banking entities ask their users to specify the country of origin of the transaction where the reservation is made.

To add text in TuriTop there are several options, for example, go to ''Company'' >>> ''Booking form'' >>> and add a Custom HTML field. 

2- "Terms and conditions"

Due to security reasons, you need tu add "Terms and Conditions" to your booking form and it can't be selected, as in the below image.

Step 4: Make purchasing tests

Redsys will ask you to perform these tests. You must perform directly from your booking widget, either within your TuriTop Control Panel or from your own website, if you have already installed.

Perform at least one unauthorized operation. Use the card they provide or use this test card

  • Card Number: 4548812049400004
  • Expiration: 12/20
  • CVV2 code: 123
  • CIP code: 123456

Perform at least one Denied operation. Use  the card they provide or use this test card

  • Card Number: 1111111111111117
  • Expiration: 12/20
  • Don't write anything else and click the pay button.

Step 5: Apply the actual keys

Send email to the Redsys support to receive your new key to real mode. You can copy and paste this text that we have pre-designed for you:


Subject: Transition to real environment (production)



We request to move to the REAL environment (PRODUCTION) for the company "COMPANY'S NAME". We have already performed the operations in the Test environment.


Step 6: Enter real Key (production)

Once you get the email with instructions on how to get the key to real mode, do the following:

  • Enter to your Redsys control panel. NOTE: your username is your Merchant code and Terminal (i.e. 123456789-001). If you forget your password click "¿Has olvidado la contraseña?" ro receive a new one.
  • Click on the cart icon (Adm. TPV virtual)
  • Click on "Comercios"
  • Click on "Consultar"
  • Click on "Ver/Mostrar Clave" (enter your password again)
  • Copy the key (you'll have 10 seconds to do it)
  • Open your TuriTop control panel.
  • Go to "Company>>> "Receiving Payments" >>> "Redsys"
  • Paste the new code where it says "Merchant Secure Key or Encryption key"
  • Deactivate the Test Mode of the Virtual POS from your TuriTop control Panel.

Step 7: Make the last tests in Real mode

  • Make an Authorized transaction with a valid credit/debit card. From the Administration module you can generate a refund.
  • Make a Denied transaction with the card: 1111111111111117
  • Check the Administration module ro see all transactions. (Access to "Consultas").
  • Check that the notifications are correct. Access the Administration Module ("Notificaciones" button.) 

Possible values ??of Ds_Response

(indicates the status of any transaction)

Congrats! You have properly installed your virtual POS in your Booking System!