Configure your accommodation services correctly

19.06.2017 10:37:34

If your business is , hotel, hostel, pension, country house, B&B, etc; and you have decided to try the TuriTop reservation system, we advise you to follow these steps to correctly configure your services.

Steps to configure your service correctly

Step 1: Quick service setup

The first thing is to choose the type of service. In this case the Accommodation option.

Then we will go to the TICKETS section where we will add the different rooms and their respective prices.

We will change the name of the service and later we will click on "Save and go to preview"

NOTE: If you click on More options you can re-order ticket types, insert auto-closures, assign maximum capacity per ticket type, etc.

Step 2: Detailed Service Configuration

The first thing you will see is the pre-visualization of your service. Keep going down and you'll see more options.
In TICKETS you cannot only change prices or add more types of tickets, but you can re-order ticket types, insert auto-closures, assign maximum capacity by ticket type, add extra options etc. Click on more options to see everything.

In HOURS you can change the name of the schedule, close individual days or complete months, and make some configuration changes.

You can change Check-in and Check-out by Start / End, but this is an international terminology and everyone knows what it means, does not it?

Finally we offer you to show more than one calendar when you click on check-in. You can display up to 9 calendars at most. 

Step 3: Apply discounts

Since there is an infinite number of discount combinations, we will explain them little by little. At the moment for this type of service, you will most likely be interested in making discounts (or price variations) depending on the month or months selected.

Temporary discount:

  • Select the EUR option (or the currency you use) Price per ticket
  • Choose the amount you want to cost your discounted ticket (in this case € 180)
  • Apply to the type of ticket you want (we only have one.) Apartment max 6 people)
  • Indicates Valid from (discount start date) and until (end date discount)
  • Click on "Create a new discount"
  • Perfect! You have already set your discount. What was easy?

Step 4: Make sure your service is set up correctly

We have made several configurations and may have confused ourselves with something. Check your service and make some test reservation to verify that everything works as it should.
This is the basic configuration for a common accommodation service. There are always extraordinary variations or requests. If you are looking for something you do not find (Example: "I want to hide the discounted price or ticket types") in this blog entry, please write us to


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