How to add manual bookings on TuriTop

18.06.2017 14:20:01

Surely in more than one occasion you haven’t understood what others have written in your reservation book, or lost the overview using multiple systems (Google calendar, ical, Excel, etc.). Finding it very hard keeping all bookings in order and easily accessible.

There is no need to be worried anymore, we have designed the perfect solution for this matter. TuriTop’s calendar allows you to insert reservations while an agency or a client calls you, even faster than picking up pen and paper, providing you a 100% accurate availability. Everything you add here will be instantly visible on your booking calendar. You can do this on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone because our system is responsive (suitable for any device.)


In order to add manual booking go to the "Calendar" tab.  


You can choose how to view the booking, "Daily (multi service)" or "Monthly (single service)".


If you choose the DAILY view, you will see all the services on the date you select. 


If you choose the MONTHLY view, you will see all the bookings from the services you had chosen.


Once you have decided the view of your bookings, you only need to click the plus button to add a manual booking. 


  Now we give you the option of sending and email reminding the customer to finish the payment. You can send this email reminder while making a new booking through the Back-office or send it to an existing booking.

         Note: this link will only works if these three conditions are met: 

          - if status of the booking is showing as 'Pending', if you had typed a customer's valid email, and if you have enabled at least one payment gateway.

To send the payment to an existing booking, please go to the send email button  .

NOTE: Once the request payment by email is sent, the booking will have a new row at the end of the booking saying:  Payment request sent on ..... (see on the image).

The bellow image shows the email the customer will receive reminding the payment. Once the payment is done, the customer will receive the confirmation booking Email.


This system not only allows you to keep all bookings under one roof, but also will give you the opportunity to show your real availability on your website and Facebook.