How to Create a Tour Schedule

07.06.2017 13:39:17

The Schedule is an essential part of any booking system. TuriTop has a very easy to understand user interface that let's you create and modify each aspect of your calendar. In this article we explain all that you need to know to have a grasp of our schedule system.

Click here to see how to modify your schedule

Creating a Schedule

The first thing to do is to go to the Schedule section of your service. Go to Services >>> Your Services (P1, P2, P3, ...) >>> Schedule.



Once there you will see the section of Schedule to use. When you create a new service a generic name is added to the Schedule; you can change that if you click on Rename. We recommend you change the schedule name to make it easier if at any moment you decide to share a schedule.

NOTE: You can share a schedule by selecting the same one in two or more services. Any changes made to the schedule will appear in all servicies. Sharing a Schedule doesn't share availability between services. Go to this article to know more about resource availability.


To change the name of the Schedule just click on Rename, add the new name and click on the Rename Button.


NOTE: To erase a schedule click on the DELETE button

Now you need to add the events of the service. Go to the section Add Events that Repeat on a Weekly Basis. Select if you want to add the events for the whole year or for a specific month in the year.



Now you need to add the hours to the event row. You will create events that repeat by day of the week at a time that you select. Add the time to the days of the week you want and click on Add new event row. If for example you added an event on Mondays and Thursdays at 10:00, each Monday and Thursday will have its own event at 10:00.

There is a trick that may be useful and that is to add the first hour on Mondays and double-click; this will copy the hour in the remaining fields.



To sep up the event duration, (this will be essential if at some point you decide to use Resources),  go to Service details.

Now the service's Schedule is created, you can see in the preview widget the hours you added in the calendar.


Adding Individual Events

Sometimes you have extra events that are not in your regular schedule. Maybe some weekends you can add another event at another time. For these instances go to the Schedule section Add Individual Events.

You can add events on a single day, or on a range of time.

  • To add events on a single day type or select the date and time you would want the event to be added. Click on Add.

  • To add a number of events in a range of time click on Date | Range, and another date field will appear. Select when the range begins and ends, and the hour of the event. Click on Add to create the events.

All these events will show below as individual events. To delete one event just click on the red X. We recommend that you delete passed individual events regularly to improve load speeds in the widget.

Closing Events

Closing events is very simple. If you cannot work on a given hour, date or month go to the Close Single Events, Full Days or Entire Months section of the Schedule.

There are three options:

  1. To close a single event select the date and time
  2. To close an entire day select the date and leave the time blank (hh:mm).
  3. To close an entire month type the month in date as such: 00-05-2017. Keep the day as "00". Also leave the time blank.

Click on Close to finish. 

All closed events show below and you can reopen them by clicking on the red X.

NOTE: you can also close multiple services if you go to Company >>> Components/Integrations >>> Season Maintenance Closer.


Now you are ready to create and modify your service's schedule!