How to set up discounts and price variations

18.06.2017 13:43:47

Sometimes you want to offer discounts or price variations to your clients, maybe it’s holiday season, or you want to add discounts to groups, etc. TuriTop let’s you set up discounts in your created services to offer your clients a better bang for their buck.

Both discounts and price variations are alterations of the price you set up in the Pricing & Discounts section of your service. Discounts serves to put a lower price on your tickets and price variations can serve to lower or increase prices. 


Step 1: Decide which service you want to add a discount to and go to it from your admin panel: Services >>> Your service (P1, P2, P3, ...). Once there go to the section Pricing and Discounts

Step 2: In the first field next to the word Add choose discount

Step 3: The second choose between Percent off, different price per ticket (EUR)  and different total price (EUR).

Next to it write the percentage or the amount you choose.

  • - Percent off reduces the price by the percentage you set up. This applies to each ticket selected
  • - Different price-per ticket changes the ticket price for each ticket. 
  • - Different total price changes the total amount of purchase, regardless of number of tickets or price of tickets. 

 Step 4: Choose the ticket type it will apply to. You can see a drop-down of all the tickets that you have created for this service, choose all ticket types to apply to all. 

 Step 5: Fill in or not the optional fields. You may want to add more conditions, or it may be sufficient with the ones already filled (we have examples in the next section):

  1. Anticipation: If you want to add various discounts depending on the anticipation of the reservation here you can choose when the discount will be available. If you choose 1 week for example, the discount will apply to reservations that are made with more than 1 week in advance.
  2. Promo Code: The discount would only apply if the client writes the promo code you set up. Write in this field the word you want to set up as the code word. When you insert a promo code a field will appear in the widget for the client to enter the promo code. Once written the system will check the code and if it is the same, a green check-mark will appear and the discount will apply. Promo codes can be used infinitely, we haven't got support for one-use promo codes yet. 
  3. Valid From and Valid To: Set up a time range when the discount will be valid. This range is for bookings not for event date. In that time frame if the client books anything the discount will apply, even if the event falls outside of that time range. 
  4. Minimum/Maximum PAX: This is for group discounts. The discount will be applied when the number of tickets is equal or superior to the minimum PAX and equal or inferior to the maximum PAX. The discount will only apply if the tickets selected by the client are in the range you specify. 
  5. The check-box that says Make it cumulative is there for times when you want to add a discount on top of another discount. Eg: You have a group discount at the same time you have a holiday sale. 
  6. The check-box that says Apply to deposit only, will only apply the set up discount to the deposit not to the total amount.


Price Variations

Price variations are similar to discounts, but they are extremely useful if you have different prices by season or any other occasion. For example, in the summer your tickets are more expensive than in the rest of the year. Setting it up is easier than setting up a discount. 

Step 1: Go to your service from your admin panel: Services >>> Your service (P1, P2, P3, ...). Once there go to the section Pricing and Discounts.

Step 2: Choose Add >>> Price Variation

Step 3:You only have the option of different price per ticket (because that is what we do if we select price variation.) Add the amount each ticket will cost.

 Step 4: Select the ticket type you want to apply the price variation to or select apply to all ticket types.

 Step 5: Select the time frame that this price variation will be applied to. Choose the date where it begins and the date where it ends.  

NOTE: For the time being price variations and discounts cannot be edited. You will need to delete and add new ones if you want to change them. 


Now your discounts and price variations are set up and your clients can benefit from them!