How to set up the booking form

18.06.2017 13:02:06

Knowing how to use the Booking Form section is essential to adapt it to each service you create. Sometimes you need to ask your clients a question like "have you got any previous experience with this type of activity?" or you need to ask them for an identification number. All these cases are covered by our Booking Form configuration.

First things first. You can edit your Booking Form from the Company tab and in each of your services. In Company you will edit the default Booking Form, which will apply to all future services created. When you change something in the Service Booking Form you only change it in that service. Once a service is created its Booking Form will not update if you change anything in the Company form. 

So it will be quite useful to set up the Booking Form in Company tab to have that as the default, and then make the changes necessary in each service. Something like setting up your Terms and Conditions (follow the link to know how to add them) should be done in Company tab, so you don't have to add them to each and every service you create.

Go to Company tab >>> Booking Form to begin.



Form Questions

This is the default Booking Form that the system creates. In the image you can see that there are four fields enabled: Full name, Email, Phone and Comments. 

To add any other question, just click on any of the options below (in pink) and a new question will be added at the bottom. You have many options. From pre-made questions we have set up to generic fields (custom question, large custom question, Custom Checkbox and Custom HTML.)

To delete a question just click on the red X.


Ordering each question is extremely simple, just drag and drop (hold the left mouse button) where you want your question to be. The order you see there will be the order of the questions your client's will see in the widget.


Here you have an example of how your clients will see the booking form:

Some Important form questions

Let's talk here about the Newsletter and Terms and Conditions questions.

By law you have to have a Terms and Conditions page in your website. In this article we explain their importance, and you have a step by step guide of how to add them to TuriTop. See the image above to look at how the terms will show on the widget.

Similarly, If you often send emails to your clients using a newsletter system, by law they have to agree to receive those emails. In the Booking form you have the option to add a question for the Newsletter. We advise to configure it like it is shown in the image, deselected by default, with the option to show always and not required:

Custom questions

Custom questions are ones where you can ask anything you want. Add your questions in the field in white and your clients will answer them. All questions and client answers will be displayed in the Confirmation Email as well as on your Bookings and Calendar tabs. You can have a Custom Question (1), a Large Custom Question (2), and a Custom Checkbox (3). 

The Custom HTML is another custom question. This is for people that know some HTML and want to configure the question however they want. If you know HTML, try it out and see how you can create anything you like. 



A question you may have is how your clients heard of you. So in HTML copy and paste this: 

How did you hear about us?<br>
<select name='custom' style='width:125px'>
  <option value=''></option>
  <option value='Google'>Google</option>
  <option value='Trip Advisor'>Trip Advisor</option>
  <option value='Facebook/Twitter/Instagram'>Facebook/Twitter/Instagram</option>
  <option value='My Tour Operator'>My Tour Operator</option>
  <option value='Our representative'>Our representative</option>
  <option value='I have been before'>I have been before</option>
  <option value='Recommended by friends'>Recommended by friends</option>

And you'll see a selector like this one: 


File Upload

The field Upload file allows you to write a text requesting a specific file (ID, Passport, photo, etc) , it will be uploaded to the cloud and you will have access anytime for 450 days (after that time the file will be deleted)  

 NOTE: Find the uploaded files going to Booking tab >>> select a Booking >>> click to edit bookingEdit booking and you will see the file under the Client column.



Form Questions View and Requirement Options 

Each question will have 2 view and requirement options, Show and Required. You will have to select between the four options in the drop-down menu:

  1. Never: Select this to never show or require this question. 
  2. Widget: Select this to show or require only in the Widget (Online Booking.)
  3. Back-Office: Select this to only show or require in the Back-Office (Offline Booking.)
  4. Always: Select this to always show or require the question (Widget and Back-Office.)

NoteThe email question has a checkbox that says Verify email. This is if you want your clients to write their email twice, to force them to write it correctly. Just click on the checkbox and another field will appear in the question. 


Each question has an added checkbox that says Repeat. If it is checked that question will repeat on the widget for each customer. If your client books a tour for 2 adults and 2 children, and the name has the repeat option, the client will have to fill out the names of each adult and children.

IMPORTANT!: If you have the repeat option enabled, each ticket type selected will be repeated and each will be treated as a separate booking in your TuriTop subscription. If a client selects 4 adults, 4 separate bookings will be created. 

Here you have an example of the name and email that has the repeat option checked:

In the booking form your client will see this:

There you can see how it repeats. It is also important to note some changes that have happened here.

  • There is a buyer email field, where the client that books and pays for the tour enters their email. The client will receive there his/her purchase information. Each ticket will be counted as a booking. He/she will receive each reservation, one per ticket/person with the price divided between them (to each its own amount) in separate emails.
  • In the first ticket, your client will see the questions that do not repeat, if you have any.
  • In the first ticket (an Adult in this case) your client will have the option to click on Autofill. This copies the fields that repeat onto the other tickets. 
  • If the email is repeated, the clients receive in the email provided for each one the information about the booking separately. So each ticket has its own booking number and QR code, so they can arrive separately to the event without incident.

The benefits of the repeat option is that you will have more information about every client that enjoyed your service and you can send each of them ads for future events and promotions.