How to set up the transfer system

18.06.2017 13:11:49

If you offer a Transfer or pick-up system this article is for you. TuriTop allows you to set up your transfer system so that when your clients book online they will know where they will be picked up and at what time. You can add maps and routes from nearby hotels. In the confirmation email your clients will see a link to a map where they can see the pick up point, their hotel and the route to the pick up point. 

Follow these steps to set the up the Transfers system

Step 1

Go to Company >>> Transfers and activate transfers. You can make the transfer required

NOTE: You can create and edit transfers in each of your services. Going to Service tab >>> select your service >>> Transfers you can set up the transfer system only for that service which allows you to have specific pick-up points and hotels for each service. The process remains the same wherever you set it up. 



Step 2

Write the name of the pick up point, where your clients will be picked up (normally somewhere that is near to X amount of hotels,) and click on Add point


Step 3

Define the pick-up time. Write how many minutes before the event your clients have to be before the event starts.

In the confirmation email the clients will see a time to be at the pick up point, not a message saying that they have to be there X minutes before the event. 


Step 4

Add the coordinates to the pick-up point. You can copy and paste there the coordinates, or click on the button on the right of the field and a window will appear with a map. Search for the street or interact with the map to find the street and the coordinates will appear at the bottom. Click on Save to add the coordinates.


Step 5 

If you want, set up pick up time exceptions.

These are a couple of examples of exceptions:

00-00-2017 11:00 60  This means for the year of 2017, services at 11:00, pick-up time is 60 min before event start
00-04-2017 10:00 30 This means that for April 2017, services at 10:00, pick-up time is 30 min before event start
15-04-2017 11:00 60  This means that for 15 April 2017, services at 11:00 pick-up time is 60 min before event start


Step 6

Add coordinates to each hotel in your list. It works the same as Step 4, click on the button on the right and set up the coordinates.

In the widget your clients choose their hotel with a pick-up associated to it. The system will then generate the map. 

If you have many hotels per pick-up point it may be difficult for your clients to choose hotels so we implemented a search system for them. They will begin to type the name of the hotel and it will narrow it down to the hotel they have.

Step 7

Add a price per pick-up point. You can set up a price for each of your pick-up points in each of your services. Go to Service >>> Your service >>> Transfers and you'll see the section Price of pick-upYou can set the pick-up as a free but if you want to set up a price uncheck the the check-box you see there.

Then you will see the options to add a price per pick-up to each of your ticket types. Each ticket selected will have that price added, so if they choose 3 adults the price will be 3 times the price you set. You can set the same price for all, or choose not to charge to children (type 0), etc. The choice is yours.

You can set up default prices for all pick-ups used in the service. Don't select any pick-up point and add the prices.

Or you can set up prices per pick-up point. Select each pick-up and add the prices. You can also select using the service default price or a free transfer per pick-up selected.

This is an example of the widget with transfers activated:

As you can see if you have many hotels per pick-up point your clients have the options to type the name of their hotel to narrow the search for their own.

This an example of the email and map your client's will see:

You are ready to start using Transfers in your services!