How to start reselling with TuriTop

18.06.2017 13:39:20

TuriTop resell system allows you to receive bookings from any of our TuriTop users, sharing pricing and availability on real time. Avoid calling the supplier every time you need to know availability.

To start using this system, reseller and supplier need to have a paid TuriTop account. If both of you have it, please jump to Step 4. If not start from Step 1.

NOTE: If your supplier does not have a TuriTop account please let us know their contact information, name, email and phone number and we will get in touch with them to offer our booking system.

In case supplier doesn't want to have a paid TuriTop account you can use Affiliate system and give them limited access to your account.

NOTE: Both Reseller and Provider MUST have the same language in their TuriTop control panel.

Step 1

Sign up with TuriTop.

Step 2

 On the Company tab >>> Business info fill in your Company information (this is to receive invoices from TuriTop.)

Step 3

 On Billing info click to select plan >>> Select your plan >>> click to change plan >>> insert your card info.

Now you will have access to all Companies that use TuriTop.

Step 4

Go to Service tab >>> Resell other service



You will see a list of all the companies that are currently operating with TuriTop. This is the marketplace.

On Company service name type The name of the supplier to search for the company you have an agreement with.


You will find all the services they have, select the one you want and click on Resell

Step 5

On this screen you will see this information:

  • Your fee: this is the % you want to get for every booking you get on your website.
  • Who will charge first and how?:
  1. Resellers get the full amount (any gateway) by default: You as a reseller get the full amount every time YOU get a booking.
  2. Provider gets full amount (Any gateway): the supplier gets the money every time YOU get a booking.
  3. *Provider & reseller - chained payment (Paypal gateway): Reseller and supplier automatically get their part. Both companies must have live business PayPal accounts to make use of their sharing payments technology. Required: Both companies must have its Paypal accounts live. Payments are restricted to Paypal. Only Paypal supports sharing payment quantity (thanks to "Paypal Chained Payments" technology)

Step 6

Click on “SEND REQUEST.” An email will be sent and this screen will appear in your browser. 

Step 7

Wait until the Provider accepts your resell request. When they accept you will receive a notification and your resell service will be on your Services tab. They will receive an email with the option to accept the resell request. 

Providers have the option to accept and decline resell offers from their control panel. Go to your service >>> Advanced options to see all resell requests and from there you can accept or deny any offers, and override any other decision that they may have taken in the past regarding accepting or denying requests. 

Every time you receive a booking, you, the Provider and the client that booked will receive a confirmation email with the ticket on it. And both widgets will share the same availability.

This will be the panel service for a reseller's service:

They can change the name for their widget, add pricing notes, add extra information to both the success screen and the confirmation email and assign categories to the service. They also have the option to disable the service and delete the service. 

Each booking made through a reseller will have a unique booking id. It will have both the company id's of the reseller and the provider. 

To install the booking widget on your website please follow this tutorial.

You can now start to resell your services