Navigating the Booking tab

18.06.2017 13:17:14

Navigating your bookings in the Turitop Booking tab can be confusing, specially when you add the use of filters into the mix. Most of you are used to this kind of system, but if you have any trouble, or want to expand your use of the filters, continue reading. 

First of all lets see how the bookings are organized by default. There are two levels to the organization:

  • Booking date: Your bookings are organized by day, first you'll see the bookings made today and below the bookings made yesterday, and so on and so forth.
  • Booking order: In each day the bookings are organized from last made to first made, the last being the first and the last in the day being the first.

Explaining the Filters

With the filters you can look for specific bookings that meet the requirements you set in the filter fields.

  1. Filter by: This allows you to switch between from the default Booking Date and Event Date that changes the order and it starts from the first day you had bookings till the last day you have bookings.
  2. From - To: Select a day in From to show bookings made from that date forward; select To to not show bookings from that day forward.
  3. Service: Select a service to show the bookings of that service only, select all to show bookings of all services
  4. Client: If you write here your client's name, email, phone or comments you will search for all bookings that have that data in those fields. 
  5. Checked: Select Checked-in for checked in bookings and Not checked In for tickets that haven't been checked in. You can check bookings in with a QR reader from your phone. Fro more information check this article.
  6. Booking ID: Enter a booking ID to look for a specific information. The booking id will look like: A468-170127-5. Each booking has it's own booking id; the first part (A468) is your company id; the second part (170127) is the booking date; and the last part (5) is the number of booking in that day (in this case the fifth of the day.)
  7. Status: Choose a status to show all bookings of that have that status.
  8. Agent: If you have agents that make bookings on the Back-Office, select an agent to show bookings made by that agent.
  9. Order by: Select an option to show the bookings in that order; you can select booking time, event time, booking id and agent in an ascending or descending order. 

  1. Show: Select to show deleted tickets, deselect to not show.
  2. View: You have two view options, detailed and minimal. 
  3. You have three buttons here: the first with the looking glass is to apply the filters; the second to print the bookings; the last one to export your bookings into a .csv file. To see more information about how to open a CSV file read this article.

Now you know how each filter works, give it a try! 

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