Navigating through the Booking tab

18.06.2017 13:17:14

TuriTop gives you the option to visualize your bookings following several search criteria , you can visualize/print/download  bookings of a specific date, you can also see bookings of one or several services, , you can visualize bookings made by an agent or bookings with the same transfer point. In this section we provide you with more information, so you can get all the data you need from your bookings.

Explaining the Filters

With the filters you can look for specific bookings that meet the requirements you set in the filter fields.

 From - To: Select a day in From to show bookings made from that date forward; select To to not show bookings from that day forward. You can filter by booking date (when the customer made the booking), event date (when the customer will enjoy the activity) or valid until (this is only for gift certifcate or open services without a date).

Service: Select a service to show the bookings of that service only, select all to show bookings of all services

Client: If you write here your client's name, email, phone or comments , it will show all bookings with that same data. 

Checked: Select Checked-in for checked in bookings and Not checked In for tickets that haven't been checked in. You can check bookings using the TuriTop Mobile App. You can download it here.

Booking ID: Enter a booking ID to look for a specific information. The booking  will look like: A468-170127-5. Each booking has it's own booking id; the first part (A468) is your company id; the second part (170127) is the booking date; and the last part (5) is the number of booking in that day (in this case the fifth of the day.)

Cart ID:  You can filter  bookings by cart ID, this ID is created with evey shopping cart purchase.  (This field is only shown when shopping cart is enabled).

Status: Choose a status to show all bookings of that status.

Agent: Allows you to filter bookings by agent. (This field is only shown when there is at least one created agent).

Transfer point:  Allows you to visualize all the bookings from that specific transfer point. (This field is only shown when trasnfer is enabled).

Gift certificate: You can filter the bookings only with certificate.

Payment method:  You can see bookings by payment method (Stripe, PayPal, Redsys), depending on the payment gateway you have set up..

Come from: You can filter the bookings made online (widget) or made manually (back office).

Promo Code: You can enter the desired Promo code and only visualize the bookings that used that promo code.

Language: Filter the bookings by  the language they were made with.

Ticket type:  This is a text field where you can filter by ticket type, (adult, child, bike, ...), depending on how you have named them.

Order by: Select an option to show bookings in order (ascending or descending). ; You can order by booking time, event time,  service ID, agent or trasnfer. 

Seat:  you can see bookings by seat (only if grapical seat selector is enabled).

View: Choose the visualization of your bookings, minimal (shows the booking basic info) or detailed (shows all the booking info).

Show: Select to show deleted tickets, deselect to not show deteled tickets.     

You have three buttons here: the first with the looking glass is to apply the filters; the second to print the bookings; the third to export your bookings into a .csv file, the forth to delete all filters and the last one to manage your filter configuration.


Export/Download: You can export your bookings data either in CSV or Excel.

Manage filter configuration: This option allows you to select/unselect which fields you want to show.


Explaining the booking colors

Booking confirmed, partial or total payment received (depending on the configuration of each service).

 White  : Pre-Booking
 , when the payments is confirmed it will change to green color. If after 30 minutes the bookinbg hasn't been paid, the booking will be autodeleted and it will change to grey color.


Lilac :  Free booking,   can be due to an unpaid booking, to a promo code of 100% or because it will be paid on arrival.

Yellow  : Manual bookings (back office) and/or made from Viator (when Viator's integration is enabled).

 Pink  :
 Stripe or Paypal bookings that have been cancelled or refunded.

Bookings deleted manually.

Grey   : Pre-booking deleted
to free seats.

Green with red border  : Booking pending of payment, the customer made the payment but the booking hasn't been confirmed.



 Explaining the booking buttons.

From the back-office, any user you give access to will be able to to print, to send a confirmation email,  to edit or to delete a booking.

 : Here you can download or print the booking.

 : Here you can send a confirmation email. (when you click you can change the email address).

: Here you can edit the booking manually (you can change the event date, the final price, the number of people...)

 : This icon is only shown in confirmed bookings, where seats have been booked,  booking status can be paid, or partially paid or unpaid because they will be paid on arrival If a booking is not confirmed, is pending or deleted, you won't see this                 icon, you will see the message "Undo to block seats". 


Now you know how each filter works, give it a try!