Resource Manager - Share or vary your service's availability

18.06.2017 14:24:54
Sometimes you'll want to increase or decrease the number of seats for your activities. Or you may have a vehicle, which you use in several services and want places closed automatically if it is already being used in one of these services . Perhaps you have two guides that can only cover two tours at once. For all these situations and more you can use resource management , and stop worrying for over bookings . Let TuriTop TuriTop booking system do it for you.

The use of resources could be at first sight a little more complex than other configurations, but don't worry, because following this tutorial you will be an expert in few minutes.

NOTE: Using resources increases the verification process of available seats, causing the system response time slightly slower.

Follow these steps carefully:

Step 1: Go to "Company" tab >>> "Resource Manager"
NOTE: When using resource groups - all resources inside the group are ordered by name and used in that order.  Example: if you have 2 resources, 'Boat1' and 'Boat2' inside the group 'BOATS' the system will use 'Boat1' seats first.

Step 2: Write the name of your resource (vehicle, guide, room, etc) and click "Add" button. Then you will see new options displayed. 

NOTE: The system will show you how many resource you have (3 on this case) and the services associated to each resource (in this case the services P13, P23 and P24)

Step 3: Set up of the Resource

  1. Name: The name you have written for your resource. You can editen at any time.
  2. Seats: Indicates seats available for each resource (in this example we have put 6 seats per vehicle)
  3. Quantity: Depending on the number of vehicles/guides/rooms etc you have, the number will vary. In this case he have 10 vehicles. 
  4. TYPE/GROUP (Optional): You can create multiple resources and link them to a resource group. This is useful if you have several vehicles with different capacities and want that all services use all vehicles available. The system will automatically fill all the vehicles until there are zero seats available. 
  5. Weekly quantity variation (Optional): as you can see, we show you all week days, so you can manage availability on a weekly basis. Maybe every Tuesday you have an extra vehicle. Increase or decrease quantity to vary one day of the week (will apply in all times and months of the year)
  6. Daily quantity variation (Optional): Narrow down your availability variation.

Date & Time range: vary the number of vehicles on a specific day (will apply on all hours of the day), vary the number of vehicles from a date and a time to a date and a time of your choice.

Step 4: Assign resource to a service

There are two thing you have to do (in this order) to associate a service with a resource:

1. Go to your service >>> "SERVICE DETAILS" >>> event duration (if the duration may vary write an estimate).

2. Go to "TICKETS" section, and on the first box where it says "Use shared resource seats", choose the resource you want to use.

You have it! Whenever you want to change availability of any of your resources, you will need to go to "Company" tab >>> "Resource Manager" to vary each of your vehicles or seats available.

If you don't have vehicles but want to vary seats of any tour, create a resource, name it after the name of the service you want to vary the availability, and finally change the number of seats of any day or date range of your choice.

Resource variation on Rental and Accommodation 

If you want to vary the number of rooms of your accommodation, or the number of bicycles 
of your rental place, you will need to use "Time range"


If you want to decrease (you can also decrease) the number of rooms from 150 to 12 (because 30 rooms are under renovation) from the 03-10-2017 until the 05-10-2017, you will need to do the following: 


NOTE: you need to include first the day you want to vary, always at time 0:00 (or 12:00 am), then insert the next day (if you want to vary seats for day 19th and 20th, you will need to to insert as an end date the 21-07-2017), also with time 0:00. Add the quantity to vary and press "Add" button.