Set up a service without hours

18.06.2017 13:48:30

Quite a few of our clients have asked us if there is a way to configure a service so their clients can choose a day, but not a specific hour. Until we program an upgrade to the system, we can teach you a trick that will come in handy.



Step 1: Identify the services in which you want to hide the times

If you go to the “Service” tab, you will see that each service has been assigned a letter “P” and a number (P1, P2,etc.) Write down the “P”s that you want to modify, or if you want to hide the times for all services go to STEP 2 directly.

Step 2: Configuring the hours

You’ll have to go service by service and under the “Schedule” section leave only one hour available (Eg: 0:00)

Note: If you write 0:00 on Monday and you double click, the 0:00 will paste itself into the rest days.

Step 3: Inserting CSS code

Insert this code in the “Design” tab of your Turitop Control Panel:

Here we provide two codes. The first one is to hide the hours in all the services and the second is to hide the hours on the services you choose.


/****Hiding hours available in all services***/

img.arrow-select-hour,.arrow-select-hour,.event-label {display: none;}


To hide only some services, copy this code. You’ll see the difference between this code and the other code is simply “.product-P1” You’ll have to copy this same code and change the “P”s for each one of the services you want to modify.


/****Hiding available hours in the service P1***/

.product-P1 img.arrow-select-hour, .product-P1 .arrow-select-hour, .product-P1.event-label {display: none;}