Set up booking system for affiliates

18.06.2017 14:16:26

DO YOU WANT TO INCREASE YOUR SALES? The answer is probably a resounding YEEESSSS!

Now that our booking system support affiliate parameters, you will be able to ask other website/blog owners to put a link to their sites and pay them a commission in return.
On this post we explain step by step how to set up properly this integration.

VERY IMPORTANT: To be able to use affiliate parameters correctly, you have to integrate the new installation JavaScript codes for (if you haven't installed it yet) for your TuriTop booking system. More info HERE.

Affiliate link vs Affiliate widget

We support two ways of working with affiliates: Affiliate links and affiliate widgets.

The first step in both cases is to create a new Affiliate.


How to create an Affiliate

1- Go to Company tab >>> Manage Users 

2- Create a new user (Type has to be "Agent") indicating the fee/comission to aply.

3- Get the Affiliate ID (In this case 2112). Important!: the Affiliate ID appears after creating the new user.

NOTE: Each user has its unique code, so be careful when sending your affiliate links to your affiliates.




How to install an Affiliate link? (RECOMENDED)

The Affiliate link has the same purpose as a banner ad, where all sales made outside your website are saved and showed on your Stats tab from your TuriTop contro Panel.
With this option your affiliates will NOT need to add descriptions and booking widgets on their site, they just add a link pointing to your website, and then receive the commission if the visitor they sent make a booking within the next 30 days.
NOTE: The link has to point to your website (NOT to affiliate website) + affiliate tag. 

Affiliate link coul be with or without image.
  • Affiliate link without image

<a href="">Click here to Book</a>


  • Affiliate link with image (Banner)

<a href=""> <img src=""></a>
We recommend this option (affiliate link with or without image) because is easier to install, and the affiliate visitors will end on your website, benefiting your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

NOTE: To change affiliate tag and use your own, modify data-afftag.
<script id="js-turitop" src="" data-company="D1" data-ga="yes" data-afftag="newAffTag"></script>

What is an Affiliate widget?

The customer does not leave the affiliate site to make a booking. The affiliate has to write all the info of the activity on their own site, such us descriptions, photos and your TuriTop booking widget with a special affiliate parameter. Basically is to reinstall the booking system inside the affiliate website, using affiliate tag (in this example, 2112)
NOTE: to remind you how to insert the installation code, click here.

Example of a service widget with an affiliate code:
<div class="load-turitop" data-service="P1" data-lang="en" data-embed="box" data-affiliate="2112"></div> 


Get as many affiliates as you can!

Once you finish the set up, the possibility for your websites are endless. Your sales team can target now other websites/blogs and propose them to become your affiliate.
If you don't know how to get started, it usually helps get into the shoes of your own customers and type on Google keywords like "what to do in town X". The good thing about doing it this way is that you will spend most of your time approaching businesses that have good traffic since your are finding them on the first page of Google.

It is hard to close a deal like this with huge international brands like TripAdvisor, but there are plenty of opportunities for collaboration with other local businesses.