Get the most of gift certificates and its possibilities

18.06.2017 14:07:00
When Christmas, birthdays or celebrations in general come closer, everyone likes to get a gift for their friends, partner or family; and if it can be booked from the comfort of their couch, much better. This is where the importance of vouchers / gift certificates come in. In this post we'll show you how to set up and edit your own voucher, and how to get bookings from third parties coupons ( Groupon, Lets Bonus , Amazon, etc).
Our system allows you to offer a gift certificate per service. I.e., you can have a service called paragliding and offer a gift certificate with a picture of the glider, and another service offering a diving experience and provide a gift certificate showing divers on the background.

Here we show you examples of vouchers from two of our customers. As you can see, in this service they offer a gift voucher for their Spa:

And on this service other company offer gift voucher from one of their helicopter trips :

 How do I set up my voucher? 

Very easy, just go to your service and down to the " MISCELLANEOUS
By default a gift voucher is activated but not selected ( your customers will activate it if they want to make a gift.) If you disable the button it won't appear on your booking system.

By clicking on "Allow bookings without selecting dates" a new dialog will appear, where you can put the days of validity of the gift certificate.

Having activated the two boxes you can offer your customers to book your services without a specific date (open ticket)

When your customers select the icon of the gift certificate, the reservation will be without the date and time you specified .

Clicking " Browse" you can change the image of your gift voucher (remember to use 400px by 400px )


Gift vouchers / coupons from other companies

Probably you are using companies like Groupon, Let's Bonus, Amazon or any other online agencies to resell your services. If that is your case this may interest you.

Each of these companies uses a different numerical code, which you must activate inside their dashboard each time one of their customers enjoy your services.

To find out when they want to enjoy your services, clients have to contact you by phone or email. But what if you could offer to redeem their vouchers and make the booking by themselves ? This will save you a lot of time, right ???

To do this you simply have to insert a new ticket type as 0 € and two new fields in the booking form (short question 1, short question 2 ) .

Step 1
Inserts a new ticket type by going to your service and to " TICKET " section. Then insert a new ticket type, call it " prepaid voucher " and put 0€ as a price.

Step 2
Now go down to the " BOOKING FORM " and insert two new questions. NOTE : If you already have occupied these two boxes, you can use the short question 3 and the long question . If you are also using those two, contact us by clicking HERE. 
Short Question 1: Have you already paid for a voucher? If so, who with?

Short Question 2: What is your voucher number and/or security code? (booking not valid without it)



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