The daily multi-service widget

18.06.2017 13:34:24

Until now we have been providing you with two ways to implement TuriTop in your website, one way that let's you add your calendar directly into any webpage, and the second that let's you add a button, so the calendar loads with a Lightbox. Basically these are two ways of seeing the same booking box. 

Now we have developed a third view for your services, the Daily Multi-Service Widget! With this you can add a widget to your website that shows all the services that are available for 1 day. Now your clients can view your all the services you have for the day with all the hours in which they are available and choose the one they are more interested in. 


NOTE: For now, the Daily Multi-Service Widget ONLY works with tour services.


To install the Daily Widget, please follow these instructions:

Step 1

Install the script tag that must be placed in the bottom of every page of your website before the  tag.

<script id="js-turitop" src="" data-company="D1" data-ga="no" data-buttoncolor="green" data-afftag="ttafid" ></script>

Change D1 by your own TuriTop id (you will find it on the top right corner of your TuriTop control Panel)

Step 2

Install the code of the Daily Widget (below) into the part of your website where you want it to be displayed:

<div class="load-turitop" data-service="all" data-lang="en" data-embed="box"></div>

You have make sure that data-service="all" is correct The "en" in the code represents the language in which the widget will appear. You can change it to the language you choose.

Another way of installation

You also have the option of installing an iframe in your code, but we recommend the option above. If you choose to install the iframe, the code is this:

<iframe frameborder="0" width="100%" height="550px" src=""></iframe>

You can also get the code in your control panel if you go to the Categories Tab.

Remember to change your company id (D1.)

NOTERemember to leave enough space for the iframe to be displayed correctly.