TuriTop Legacy vs TuriTop Vertical WordPress

The table below compares the functionality available in TuriTop legacy vs Turitop Vertical WordPress

FeaturesTuritop LegacyTuritop
Vertical WordPress
Resource Manager
Gift VouchersFull Redemption OnlyFull Redemption and Balances
Discount rules and promocodes
Allow customers to edit their own bookings
Send payment request by email (full payment, deposit and/or balances)
Channel manager (integration with GYG, TripAdvisor, Tiqets, etc)
Sync bookings with Google Calendar
Mailchimp integration (Newsletters)
WhatsApp IntegrationSingle Message OnlySingle Message &
Message All event attendees
Google Tag Manager / AnalyticsConversion OnlyFull Purchase Process
Facebook PixelConversion OnlyFull Purchase Process
Sync bookings with Google Sheet
Set pick-up times and google map routes to meeting point
Developers API & Webhooks
Website Hosting
Prebuilt WordPress Themes and Templates
Pre-installed premium toolsCustom Fields, SEO, WooCommerce, Translations, Cookie Consent, Customer Reviews, Advanced Product Search ans Filter, Check Out Customizer
Payment gatewaysStripe, Paypal, Redsys, Bizum, MyPOS and PaygateAny payment gateway supported by Woocommerce*
Affiliate/Reseller Management
Social Login
Enhanced Reporting

* Woocommerce Gateways are subject to evaluation by TuriTop to ensure the stability of the gateway prior to implementation.