Tour | Activity

This is the most kind of service used in TuriTop booking system. Create one or more events and your customers will be able to make their reservations for each of them by choosing the day and time you have set.


Add your opening hours, set a price per hour / minutes and all available resources. The booking system will keep track of everything, so that only the amount of available resources will be rented and the prices will be automatically calculated depending on the time slot selected by your client.

Open Schedule

Your customers don't have to select a date or time, but they buy a ticket and they have to use it in the period of time that you have established.

Numbered Seats

Perfect for when you have an event / concert and you need to sell tickets with numbered seats and at different prices (preferred, VIP, etc.)

Payment gateways

TuriTop is connected with the main important payment gateways around the world. Request full or partial payment at the time of booking or request to be paid on arrival. You can even insert bookings from your back-office and request a payment of the same through an email with a secure payment button.

Start accepting credit / debit card payments from your website. 

* The money from your sales never goes through TuriTop, it goes directly to your account in PayPal, Stripe, Redsys, Mercado Pago, etc.

Easy installation on your website

You can insert your Booking Calendar on any website, no matter which CMS was created in (Wordpress, Joomla, Weebly, Wix, etc.). You will just need to copy and paste the generated code for each service or product and start selling. You do not need to install any plugin!


Widget translated in more than 30 languages

Our control panel - your booking system's back-office  - is available in four languages: English, Spanish, German and Italian. The Booking Calendar (what your clients see on your website) is currently translated into more than 30 languages. In addition to the Calendar, confirmation emails, reservation reminders and automatic opinion requests are also translated.

If you need a language that's not listed, let us know and we will translate it for you as soon as possible.

Powerful Back-Office to manage all your Bookings

We provide you with your own Back Office to manage all your bookings, (on-line or off-line), whether they come from your website, social networks, telephone, ticket office, email, SMS or agencies.

Live view of the real availability of all your products / services from any kind of device (PC, tablet or mobile). In addition to viewing how many tickets you have sold so far, you will be able to see how many seats are available; insert / edit / delete reservations, modify prices, forward tickets to your customers, close days, etc.


Facebook booking software

It's about time for you to start Facebook sales. Just install the TuriTop booking calendar on your Facebook page and start generating sales from the most popular social network.


Google Calendar

Sync TuriTop's bookings with Google Calendar. You'll have further Backup and will be able to share calendars with anybody!

Facebook pixel

Track the activities on your website and on the TuriTop Widget. With our integration get metrics of your customers when making a booking and Improve the spending on ads you make on Facebook.

Google Analytics (referrals)

Google Analytics does not only serve to count visits. Our integration allows you to track the source of each reservation before it reaches your website. So you can know how many customer payments you get from Google search, Trip Advisor, travel blogs, etc.



MailChimp is an email marketing service that allows you to design, send and track campaigns with a simple set of tools. When you connect your TuriTop account with MailChimp, when a reservation is made, TuriTop will automatically subscribe your client to the MailChimp list that you have setup..


Easily increase your sales

Turn TuriTop booking system into the platform from which you will manage all your reservations. Share your availability in real time with your resellers, agents, your website, your social networks, etc. Avoid taking the phone and / or answering emails whenever a customer needs to know if you have available places in your activities!


Channel Manager

Access other markets through our powerful Channel Manager. Easily increase your sales and share real-time availability of your products and services with the main websites of the market




If you are an agency or ticket sales portal and want to connect with TuriTop contact us through

Create your own affiliate network

You can offer all your products or services to any web page or blog in exchange for a commission. Easily identify when a sale is made by an affiliate and promotes your activities to a wider audience.

Gift vouchers

Forget about the tedious task of making gift vouchers one at a time. With TuriTop, your customers can buy a gift voucher from your website and send it directly to the beneficiary by email or print it to physically deliver it.

Each gift voucher has a unique code that allows your customers to redeem it without having to contact you. They will only have to click on a button and select the date in which they want to redeem it and the booking is generated automatically.


100% customizable booking system

Adapt the Booking Calendar to the design of your website. Use your corporate colours, change the background colour, font type, text size, colour of the purchase buttons, etc. You can make the changes yourself or contact us and we will do it for you.



You will also be able to customize the confirmation email your customers receive as well as the thank you page that your customers will see after completing a booking entry.


Booking payment requests by email

Have you ever been called by phone to make a booking and the customer refuse to give you the information on your card? Don't worry, with TuriTop booking system you will be able to insert a booking in the system manually and request by email the total amount through a secure payment button. In case the customer does not pay in the provided period of time, the reservation will be automatically deleted.


User Accounts

Create unlimited user accounts to give limited access to your employees, translators, designers and sales agents. Organize your company and give access to TuriTop to whoever you want.

Booking Reminder

Schedule booking reminders deliveries before an event, e. g. 24 hours before, and improve the punctuality of your customers.

Complete Statistics System

Analyse how many sales you have had in a given day or month, from which cities or countries were made or simply review the profits generated by your activities by day or month.

Sales Reports

Generate your own sales reports and export them in a CSV or Excel file. Check in real time how many tickets you have sold today, how much money you made last week, how many people are going to attend a specific event or simply generate an income report by day, month, year, etc. The options of our report generator are endless.

Customer pick up management

Create a list of all your pick-up points and another one of the hotels / accommodations associated with those points. When your customers choose the hotel / accommodation where they are staying, the system will specify the place and time of pick-up automatically on their booking ticket. The pick-up point can be the same hotel or some other nearby point.

Have all your bookings with an associated meeting point and easy the workload by allowing to print the transport sheets of each day.

Resource management

You have a resource (vehicle, guide, motorcycle, etc.) which can be assigned to one or several services / activities and you want to close the seats automatically if that resource is already being used by one of those services. For all these situations you can use the resource management, and let TuriTop do it all for you.


Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart is a virtual area of a website where the user will 'add' the activities or services as they are being reserved, in the same way as they would in a supermarket. In the end, the user will decide which of them buys or not. You can also create Multipack Discounts. (for example: If you buy activity A + activity B = 15% discount on the total purchase).

Agent Quotas

Create seat quotas for your sales agents. If the agent does not reach the assigned quota, the seat / seats assigned to that agent will be automatically released when the time frame that you have previously configured has passed. For example, if an agent (travel agency) has a reserved space of 50 seats for a specific event, the unsold seats will be released 24 hours prior to the event and will be available for the rest of the sales channels (web, social networks, other agents, box office, etc.)

Automatic review request

Automatically send your customers an email requesting their review of the activity they have just enjoyed in any social network you have previously set up. Easily increase your "likes" and comments without having to do anything else! TuriTop will do it automatically for you.

Booking management / Check-in

We offer you a native App on Google Play to manage your events Check-in in an agile and immediate way. Forget about paper lists and long waits. Quickly scan your customers' tickets and the application will validate them.