The best tools to increase the sales of your Escape Room

Google Adwords is a marketing service from Google which allows you to advertise on their search engine and websites.  In order to control the results in your AdWords campaigns, is important that you connect your Adwords account with Google Analytics which is free and allows you to have a full analysis of the visits to your…

The Best Booking System for your WordPress Website

Do you want to give your clients the option to schedule appointments with you quickly on your WordPress website ? Are you tired of picking up the telephone or replying emails, answering all the time the same questions about your availability? Are you looking for a software that can automate all these tasks and help  grow your business? If…

Send one time promo codes from MailChimp

As it is well known, through your TutiTop Booking System you can create packages of promo codes randomly and one time use only. This feature is pretty useful for it makes easy the process of creating promo codes and helps improve the cross-sale of your products and services. There are three steps to create and send discount codes:…

Resellers and Affiliates

Your TuriTop’s booking software has a  RESELLERS and AFFILIATE system, which is very useful for increasing your sales. Third parties can request reselling your activities, in exchange for a fee, only the provider can accept the reselling request from the TuriTop control panel.  Keep in Mind: Both, Reseller and Provider MUST have the same language in their TuriTop booking system’s control panel….

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