Black Friday. Sell more with these simple tips

Black Friday

The winter season is here and with its arrival, apart from the cold, there is also the need to find that special gift for our family and friends. Therefore, it is the perfect opportunity to offer the most aggressive discounts of the year to increase sales.

What is Black Friday and where did it come from?

Black Friday originated in the United States more than 50 years ago (specifically 1961) in the city of Philadelphia, where they used this term to describe the heavy traffic of people and vehicles that crowded the streets the day after Thanksgiving.

Over time, the term Black Friday acquired a new meaning, referring to the black color that the pen left in the accounting entries (the red color referred to losses and black referred to profits). The ultimate goal of every store was obviously to convert the losses written in red into benefits.

Moreover, in 2010 Apple decided to import this American tradition to Europe and since then this celebration has been gaining more and more strength over the years.

When is black friday celebrated?

This year (2019) is celebrated on Friday, November 29, and on Monday, December 2, Cyber ​​Monday, although in certain countries they extend the offering season throughout the week. These dates vary year after year, being the Friday after the traditional celebration of “Thanksgiving” in the United States.

How can Black Friday help me sell more?

If this article has motivated you enough to give Black Friday a chance, here’s a list a few tips that will help you improve your sales these days:

  • Use your social media channels to reach customers of all ages. There are customers who will see your ad from Facebook, others from Instagram or looking at their favorite newspaper. Nowadays it is very simple to carry out a paid ad campaign on your social networks. Below we show you how to.
  • To earn you have to spend or rather, invest. Don’t be afraid to dedicate some of your budget on your advertising campaigns, you will see that it was worth both effort and money.
  • Extend the days of Black Friday. Don’t terminate all your promotions after just one day since there are many people that on that day don’t have time to make a purchase (neither physical nor online).
  • Create potential customer loyalty with a strong discount. There are more and more businessmen who get into Black Friday, which means that you will have to fight to be in the first position. It’s time to be aggressive.
  • Get advice from professionals. There are many companies that can help you position your communications and reach your ideal audience or niche. Contact us if you need help.

How to configure my TuriTop Booking system to generate a discount for Black Friday?

Generating this kind of discount is very simple. What we want to achieve here, is to create a promotional code (i.e. BLACKFRIDAY19) and that can only be used on Black Friday itself or in the entire week, but never before or after. This doesn’t mean that the client cannot enjoy the tour or activity on another day; but you must buy in that time frame.

Step 1: Access your TuriTop control panel.

Step 2: Go to Services >>> click on the service you want to apply the Black Friday discount to.

Step 3: Go to Prices and Discounts. Here, you can generate discounts of different types. However, we will focus on a 10% discount of the final price if the client enters the code BLACKFRIDAY19 only from November 25, 2019 and until November 30, 2019. Look at the image below and you will see how we have made the configuration:

1) Enter 10 to apply a 10% discount.

2) Type BLACKFRIDAY19 (or whatever you like). This will enable a new box to be activated in your booking widget so that your clients can enter the code, also letting you know the number of people who have seen your promotion and finally decided to make a purchase benefiting from the Black Friday discount.

3) Choose the “Purchase date range” option. This is very important because we are going to make the system take into account the date of purchase, not the date of the tour or activity.

4) Enter the start date (11-25-2019) and end date (11-30-2019). If you want only Black Friday to apply, you must choose the “Simple purchase date” option and choose on 11/29/2019.

How do I promote my Black Friday discount?

You have several tools to reach your audience. In this tutorial we show you how to use an email messaging tool and in this other tutorial we show you how to promote yourself in your social networks and here an infographic on how to use #hashtags correctly.

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