How having a booking system adds exceptional value to Activity Centers

Playgrounds are an indoor safe haven for kids and a relief for their parents. Most people managing these kinds of businesses know what a nightmare it can be to manually take bookings while attending to children and all the run-around. Having a booking system alleviates some of the major workloads for your staff and leaves more time to provide a better service to both kids and their parents. These are some of the reasons to have a booking system

Booking growth

Expose your business to the internet by having your booking system directly installed on your website. Make the most out of technology to reach and engage your customers online. Additionally, income will be increased significantly when your customers are booking and paying online. It’s very unlikely to have a no-show customer that has already paid.

Forget about paper logs

Manage your bookings from your back office: insert, cancel, confirm, you name it. With our calendar feature and bookings tab, you’ll be able to manage bookings by date and time, making it an easy task to check events. 

Increase productivity

Your staff needs will be covered. They’ll know how many kids will be attending each event and birthday parties. Never lose time again trying to figure out how to manage your team’s time. 

Avoid overbookings

The most basic feature of a booking system is avoiding having more customers than you can take a time and, guess what? TuriTop does this automatically for you so you don’t have to worry about being overwhelmed at any point.

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