How to offer your services in Civitatis

Civitatis, is the current leading OTA for the Spanish-speaking market, offering a wide variety of activities around the world’s main destinations, with an excellent quality-price ratio, and providing the best satisfaction guarantee, based on the opinions of users who have enjoyed the activities they have to offer.

Why should I consider being a Civitatis supplier and connecting it to TuriTop?

Civitatis offers nearly 10,000 services in 510 different destinations. Considering its scope and the fact that it works with the best operators in the destination for each specific offer, it’s not a surprise to expect many companies in the industry wishing to sell through this platform.

Additionally, taking into account the above, by having a connection with your TuriTop booking system, you will have all of your bookings fully centralized in the same software, integrating your other distribution channels with the TuriTop Channel Manager.

Applying to be a Civitatis supplier

The first thing you should do is register from this link. From here, you have to complete the registration process. Then, they will reach out to you in order to agree on fees and conditions. From that moment, they’ll take care of the rest.

Advantages of connecting your Civitatis account with TuriTop

  • Have all your bookings centralized in your TuriTop booking panel and manage them from there.
  • Real-time availability.
  • Save time and that of your clients.
  • The TuriTop booking system will not charge you any commission for the connection or for the sales you make.

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