The Latin American payment gateway Mercado Pago

Based in Argentina, Mercado Pago is a native payment method for the Mercado Libre marketplace website for the latin American countries. Launched in 2003, the company controlled all money transactions in its platform Mercado Libre, making it safer for its users by avoiding scams. Today, this payment gateway is used by millions of users in latin america.

Why use Mercado Pago

Mercado Pago allows customers to use the own currencies of latin american countries as part of a payment, without the need to make the conversion to dollars or euros known by the multiple world processes. Within this system, the customer can make payments through credit cards, bank transfer, balance from their account, and even within the Mercado Pago portal itself.

Mercado Pago is designed so that its customers can move money with the security and confidence that the company offers. Even Mercado Pago allows its integration into several online platforms on the web, such as your TuriTop Booking software. 

Benefits of using Mercado Pago

  • You can use or transfer the money any time you want. It’s automatic, you only need to activate it once and never take more actions.
  • The use of QR codes allows your customers to select this payment method at checkout in most businesses. 
  • Additionally, there’s a mobile app available for iOS and Android operating systems, allowing for cutting edge technology in a contactless form. 
  • Pay in up to 12 installments without a card
  • Use Mercado Crédito for your QR payments, recharges, payment of services, and purchases in Mercado Libre.
  • Integrated directly into the TuriTop Booking System’s widget, it allows your customers to pay instantly at checkout. 


It’s a secure payment system compatible with Visa, MasterCard, Alimentar, Diners Club International, Ahora12, and American Express. Moreover, when the buyer pays, Mercado Pago credits the money to the seller’s account, who can see the money reflected but does not have it available until the buyer confirms that the purchase conditions were met. That is until the transaction has been successfully concluded. If something goes wrong or a claim is initiated, the money will go back to the buyer’s means of payment without inconvenience.

Easy set up

In your TuriTop booking system, you can set up two different integrations with Mercado Pago. The first will lead your customers to the Mercado Pago payment website; learn more about how to achieve this integration in your TuriTop Booking Software here. The second will be integrated within the booking widget of your booking software, which you can learn to set up here.

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