Viator & TuriTop Channel Manager Integration

Viator & TuriTop Channel Manager Integration

About Viator

Viator is an experienced and internationally recognized website that TuriTop proudly connects to. Actually, it’s just one of the many online travel agencies that our application lets you connect to and boost your bookings. Viator joined the TripAdvisor family in 2014 and lets customers handpick their tours and activities. This indicates that Viator is no longer an independent company. Although it operates as a different company, the parent company, TripAdvisor, controls most of its operations.

Essentially, Viator is a well-known and well-established organizer, but not a tour operator. It has access to over 200,000 bookable tours, which are more than plenty of options to choose from. Importantly, the site also aggregates millions of reviews, like what you’ll find on Viator’s sister site, Trip Advisor, so you have a pretty good sense of what you’re getting.

Viator has taken advantage of the expansion of technology and developed a mobile application for smartphones. You can make a mobile booking and avoid the disappointing “sold out” signs you may find when it comes to traditional guides.

Why choose Viator to sell your tours?

  • With several million visits to their website each month, this tourism and activities portal offers unique exposure for your products and services.
  • As Viator is owned by Tripadvisor your “Book Now” button automatically appears on their TripAdvisor list.
Viator TuriTop

Why connect TuriTop Booking Software to Viator?

  • Keep your availability up to date. Using TuriTop Channel Manager this process is simplified and automated. You update your availability in TuriTop and it is pushed to Viator and all of your partner agents in real time.
  • Monitor all your bookings from one place. Bookings drop straight into TuriTop so you don’t have to manually enter them in.
  • No fees on the top*. Last but not least, Turitop does not charge any commission for the bookings you receive through Viator or any other OTA, agent, etc. Unlike other booking systems, you only pay a fixed monthly fee at TuriTop. There is no other booking system with so much quality at a lower priceNo commissions! Have a look at our plans.

* TuriTop will not charge any commission on bookings made through Viator, but Viator may apply its own fees.

How can I connect TuriTop to Viator?

  • If you already work with Viator, have a look a this tutorial where we explain how to connect both systems and map your tickets.
  • If you do not already work with Viator you can sign up directly here.

Don’t you have a booking system on your website? Try TuriTop

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