Why you should sell your services on Coupon advertisement platforms

If you own a small or any kind of business, you may be wondering if listing a deal on Groupon, Woot or LivingSocial can benefit your line of work. Although it may seem like an easy way to rally new businesses, you need to know that you will need to put some work into it. That being said, you’ll have to put as much consideration into a coupon marketing campaign as you would any other lead development strategy

Don’t rely only on Search engine marketing

Relying on search engines such as Google to improve your small business visibility is not always successful because you’re relying on algorithms that change constantly. 

Moreover, there’s no guarantee your site will be shown on the first page of search results unless you purchase advertising. In contrast, Coupon platforms show users everything on their site within a particular set of search parameters. If your business matches what a customer is searching for, then your deal will show, meaning that you will have increased traffic, as you do with the TuriTop Booking software’s MarketPlace

High-volume Sales

If you can price your products or services on these platforms with some profit margin left in it, you might make a little money on a lot of sales. This will surely make up for the lower profit margin with an increase in volume

Above all, you need to keep in mind that these companies are relying less and less on this heavily discounted voucher system and moving toward a “marketplace” model designed to foster ongoing relationships with businesses and customers. This will be an opportunity to expand your channel distribution effort and make the most out of your business. 

Seize seasonal oportunities

Coupons are a great way of taking advantage of seasonal customers. These clients will surely like to purchase any number of coupons for themselves or their loved ones. Holidays such as Christmas, should be incentive enough to get people buying your services. Keep in mind that every client has different needs, so make sure you offer services to everyone.

Making coupon platforms work for your business

Coupon customers are often one time deal seekers which will make them not to return again. This is a great model for businesses that are looking for one-timers, but is not ideal if you need people returning

Instead of offering a one time deal at a very great discount, you might try splitting your deal in a way that requires customers to try a second or even a third time. For example, if you offer cooking lessons, instead of offering a coupon for half off one lesson, offer half off a package of two or three lessons. In this way, customers who purchase this coupon will need to try your service two or three times to get the full deal and this will be, without a doubt, very appealing to make them sign up for more experiences

Here are a few tips to make customers show up more than once:

  • Set the expiration date at 90 days after purchase.
  • The offer should be for new customers only.
  • Booking in your reservation software should be required.
  • Limit the number of pax of the coupon to one. You may purchase an additional one as a gift
  • Limit to one coupon per visit.
  • Limit the number of coupons available on the coupon platform. 

Coupon sites are a solid advertising platform and can be a powerful and effective way to generate new leads for your customers. Learn how to create a coupon oriented service in your TuriTop Booking System here.

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