Latest improvement 06-2017

Viator Integration

Viator is also known as TripAdvisor Experiences

If you didn’t know, and as the Viator logo indicates, this is a company owned by TripAdvisor. With this integration you can sell in this famous On-line Travel Agency and all your bookings will be automatically connected to your TuriTop control panel. You can also share with Viator your availability on real time.

You will see that we have added a new section called “Marketplace“. Here you can enable your services that you want to appear on Viator. Soon this section will grow as we will add other selling portals.

Improvements to the Shopping Cart

We decided to redesign the behaviour of the shopping cart to offer a better experience to the end user. We have included a button to go to the end step (image 1) where we show the number of items that have been previously added to the cart. We also have added a new step before finalizing the booking.

We have designed a new checkout button which you can install in any part of your website. The colour of that button is customizable and it will also show on real time the items they have added to the shopping cart.

Multiple service selection on the booking filters

In the services filter in your booking tab you can now select more than one service, so you can show all bookings for specific services and Export or Print them.

Small changes and system upgrades

Better load speed on event load in the Calendar Tab.

Better communication with PayPal and Redsys. Lately we have experienced problem of communication between TuriTop and theses payment Gateways, causing problems with the end client. If the payment gateway cannot send us confirmation of the payment we will send you an email informing you that you need to manually check in your gateways dashboard that the payment has been made. You will also see a red border on the booking distinguishing from normal bookings.

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